La huida

La huida

When Juan and Sita's mother dies,the two children find themselves alone, forsaken in Madrid. Their father, who lived alone in Rome, calls them back there but once they arrive in his home, ...

When Juan and Sita's mother dies,the two children find themselves alone, forsaken in Madrid. Their father, who lived alone in Rome, calls them back there but once they arrive in his home, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josh M (kr) wrote: This concept has already been done. Problem with this film: IT'S SHREK FOR THE RETARDED.

Robert P (ag) wrote: Gritty and moving film noir centred around a boxing ring but mostly set in the more interesting location, the dressing room. Great on camaraderie between warriors and containing a sad air of inevitability

Daniela M (us) wrote: Rented "The Mill & The Cross," and I am looking forward to watching it. I will post my comments and views of the film, although I'm sure to like it as I really love art.

Nicola W (gb) wrote: Trapped in a cave, who will get out? I actually really enjoyed this so not sure why it's got such bad reviews.Gripping stuff. My only dislike was the poor Australian acting

Vinicius G (nl) wrote: De atmosfera leve e fotografia acertada, o longa mostra como (C) possvel tratar um tema forte sem usar os caminhos bvios. No fim, "O ano..." al (C)m de trazer questes polticas e histricas do Brasil de 70, (C) um filme sobre pessoas.

Ulla D (mx) wrote: Would have liked it better had I not tuned in right in the middle of the movie.

Sumanjit R (nl) wrote: A movie meal as satisfying as this one can make you feel that nothing else matters.

Robert B (kr) wrote: The film makers pondered the question What if we made a film part Lord of the Rings/ part Chinese martial arts drama grabbed some local (LA) actors/ martial artists, oh, and I know a guy who is a great musical composer, call in some favors on some digital compostiing for castle mattes etc... This is the result. This is not a great movie but compared to a lot of low budget flicks the cast and crew did a decent job. The martial arts fighting was competent and the director was clever enough to keep the camera moving and in close for most of it. But some stuff will fall through the cracks; supporting actors a bit weak. The story gets odd at the end. The music is too big for this film. A huge threatening score for the Pirates raiding a down. The Pirates are 4 guys and a woman. Same thing with the oppossing armies. Mayve 20 or 30 guys facing off. The leaf boat rocks. Someone went to a lot of trouble to disguise a row boat as a leaf. On the positive side you could seriously waste 2 hours on a lesser film. The 10 to 13 year old crowd would enjoy this. Psst, whatever you do don't let Rush Limbaugh types watch this as all the major roles are done by Asian actors and all the supporting stereotypical comedy stuff is done by white actors. Trust me they'd freak out.

Lee H (es) wrote: If you thought blair witch couldn't get any more dull. Guess again. They may have a bigger cast this time around and a bigger budget but ultimately the result was just as weak. Absolutely horrendous acting and sloppy plot. Once again, a wasted opportunity.

Steve W (mx) wrote: An appropriate finish to the Bride with White Hair saga. It's mostly filler with Leslie Cheung's nephew as the main character, and it only gets really good with Leslie Cheung's Uncle Cho shows up. A lot of violence and decent action scenes as well.

Hal M (br) wrote: Excellent comedy of mores and manners, set in Sweden about 1890. Terrific script (by Bergman), direction and casting. What a contrast with the mostly dark films he made ever after this! Worth reminding yourself as you watch this that Bergman wasn't just a filmmaker; he was director of Sweden's Royal Theater for many years. This could easily be adapted for the stage.

Scott R (nl) wrote: Good music helps tell the story of what it means to be an artist in the Jazz world.

Sgt C (br) wrote: (78%)A true, gritty British film noir with a fine, and very intense performance from Attenborough. It's easy to see how this could shock people from back in the day, with face slashing and cold blooded crooks. Well worth tracking down for those with any interest in true classic cinema.

Karen H (mx) wrote: 2013-02-16 saw for 2nd time, still great.

Alex T (mx) wrote: outstanding...... ly shit

Thomas B (us) wrote: Didn't enjoy this movie as much as my brother Jack did. However, it's a little silly but watchable.

Matt S (jp) wrote: The Beyond is a very overrated Italian/horror film that is incomprehensible. The film is filled with creepy atmospherics, insane gore and is probably one of the most unique zombie films of the past, but different doesn't always lead to a good film. I just couldn't take it seriously, whether it was intentional or not, the script was a mess and laughable and the scares weren't effective enough as they could have been. The soundtrack was also a hit and miss, with some of it being completely out of place. The horror cult classics that came out during the same year like The Evil Dead etcetera were miles better, The Beyond just doest stack up. Definitely one of the most disappointing Italian/horror cult classics out there. The characters were pretty illogical, doing most things people should not do in horror movies. For example, not shooting a zombie in the head, what a waste of bullets you fool! The other is hooking a clearly dead person to a heartbeat monitor, really! The acting was mostly just horrid to me, with overreaction to not enough reaction to what is happening around them. Catriona MacColl, who plays Liza Merril, a young woman who inherits an old hotel in Louisiana, is definitely easy on the eyes and carries the film quite well, she makes it bearable. The other standout was Cinzia Moreale (as Sarah Keller) who plays a blind woman pretty effectively, who comes out of nowhere into Liza's life to warns her about the sinister hotel. Good effort from those two, but the hackneyed script consumed them and everyone else. The late Italian/horror director Lucio Fulci definitely made strange, one of a kind horror films. The type of films you don't see being made anymore, but The Beyond's plot had major development problems that were a huge distraction from everything else. Lucio goes wild here though, with a hypnotic, nightmarish atmosphere, intense close up shots of ghoulish imagery that will stay with you. The film is out there and beyond, too bad the rest of the film wasn't as lavish. To me his best and creepiest film is The House By The Cemetery. Overall, not the horror extraordinaire people make it out to be, nor is it complete trash. The Beyond goes by its own beat and it's as clear away from mainstream as one film can get. None of it was clear though and just got lost in its own spiral of wackiness, at the end all I was thinking was WTF did I just watched? 5.5 out of 10