La influencia

La influencia

A disoriented and vulnerable woman, overburdened with daily life problems and more: her belongings are impounded, her cosmetics shop has been closed down, and her children's future is unknown. The children's vitality draws a sharp contrast against the apathy shown by their mother, who slowly plunges into a deep depression.

This is the story of a disoriented and vulnerable woman, overburdened with daily life problems and more: her belongings are impounded... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thiago C (it) wrote: So odd it becomes oddly satisfying

Tenderly S (br) wrote: A coming of age story for those of us who are still looking for ourselves in our twenties. Perhaps not the most fresh of takes when it comes to the plot, but that's what made it so good. It definitely reminded me that I need to get my shit together or else I may end up like Meester's character, minus the flawless hair, amazing singing voice, and very hipster style. If I'm not working and engaged by 29, someone please, intervene. Witty and charming, a good girl's night type of film or a pick me up after all your friend's have gotten ahead in life while you are still stuck in the same place. I promise you I'm not bitter, just cynical.

Victor B (gb) wrote: The change we absolutely must see! Angela Sun is a courageous and amazing Director. She shows us why we need to stay aware for our surroundings will disappear.

kiandria r (kr) wrote: its a disney channel movie, you'll love it if your into the original

Lisa W (fr) wrote: Rodd says 5. I say 4. So we'll give it 4 1/2.

Eric N (nl) wrote: Excellent achievement. Movie isn't perfect but it's a truly one of a kind war movie.

Monika Eliabeth R (us) wrote: esta pelicula esta al 100

Arash B (jp) wrote: These supposed to be sweet comedy/romance movies with these supposed to be sweet actresses make me sick, Stiles is annoying like always

Dan L (ag) wrote: A decent war flick, you can definetely tell its an older flick but it was ok.

Marla (de) wrote: Some people love this film-- other's hate it. I think it is worth a look if for nothing else a great cast including: Jason Robards, Jr.; Marsha Mason; Donald Sutherland; and Matthew Brodderick (in his first film role... how lucky was he?) Greatest conversation of the movie included the lines: Michael McPhee: Can you make money from philosophy? Max Dugan: Yeah, if you have the right one.

Michael K (fr) wrote: I saw it when it first came out. I was riveted by the opening scene with the lone sailor perched upon what looked to be a ship and the lone voice signing "I knew a lad who went to sea". I'm fairly certain that this was not an accurate picture of Admiral Halsey but until a better one comes along this will suffice me.

Joey H (nl) wrote: I dont care to watch.

Alonso A (de) wrote: Wes Anderson finally made it, the film he wanted to make since he became a director, and that's notable since it seems like his most personal work. Moonrise Kingdom has that characteristic Anderson-esque style and as always his characterization is beyond words, but it is in this film that all seems to fit perfectly. Dealin with a noble and warm topic such as kid love, coming of age and the need to get away, Anderson and screenwriter Roman Coppola manage to capture the most of this and framed it in such an immaculate way it's subtle. The directing is outstanding as always, but seems has new touches that makes it feel fresh. The actings are plain perfect, even on secondary characters, and the characterization is as good. What really stands out in this film, is the music. Through the whole movie the music makes you get deeper and deeper into the movie, makes you feel as the characters feel and just transports you into Camp Ivanhoe. All technical aspects aside, Moonrise Kingdom is a touching film, that gives hope on a realistic level, that gives you a smile with great wit, that take you back to memory lane in a nostalgic journey as you remember your own first kiss, your experience of love and makes you embrace that feelings for a momment and forget about everything, that is cinema, that's what it's all about, making you feel. Maybe the characters have no place in the real world, maybe some events seem absurd, but so what? There really isn't any valid argument to diminish this beatifull piece of art from a director that just seems to get better and better with every movie. Thank you Wes Anderson.

Frank v (au) wrote: Like the Host, Snowpiercer tries to be more, and deeper, than it is, and fails in that regard. But if you're looking for a fast paced action movie, along the lines of Dredd, Fury Road, and the Raid, it delivers, at least early on.