La ira

La ira

A dying scientist asks his son to travel to the past (contemporay present) to create the missing link between man and ape from several human beings. [info: Carlos Atanes. Movie has never been screened].

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Michael H (fr) wrote: Comedian Jeff Dunham Performs in the united states. With Walter, Achmed, Peanut and Jose. Most of the jokes work, some of them don't. I love it when Achmed kept saying THATS WHAT SHE SAID! Walter was funny. Peanut had me laugh while I coughed which was hilarious because he had a asain accent in this one part. Hilarious.89/100 B+

Ole J (au) wrote: If you like underground movies, with a taste of Hill Billy and a taste of B and a taste of Porn, well this is properly for you.This is a strange script, a mixed movie with girls, killers, hooker, well its all very strange, and its a bad thing to be a little Catholic girl a long way from home.Well this girl do know how to take revenge... there is nothing wrong with a girl in a nurses outfit and a big machete...

arthur k (ru) wrote: fucking beautiful film. i think it's probably one the few films that i have seen taht truly made me think long and hard. kudos to the treadway twins, this must have been incredibly difficult to portray.

Zeb M (jp) wrote: It's pretty good for a first-time effort by Peter Paige. I'll give the movie that, but it just wasn't that funny.

FilmGrinder S (nl) wrote: It was Thailand's BRAVEHEART. I was getting a little bit misty eyed during the final battle. You may take are shoes and shrits, you may give us bad hair cuts but you can never take our freedom!!!

Al H (kr) wrote: This Film is in my top ten list. Ian Mc Kellen is one of the great actors of the century.

Timothy H (mx) wrote: the concept is pretty dull ( at least from the general perspective) a movie that has to do with global warming is used so much over the years this however not only did it first but did it very good.

Jocelyn R (ru) wrote: So funny. The ads were hysterical. The movie was not particularly acted well by the actors but the concept was hilarious.

Benjamin O (jp) wrote: Excruciatingly sentimental.

John R (mx) wrote: 130920: 3rd Bond Film. I like this one simply because it took place in the US and involved basically, a traditional criminal. Pussy Galore, probably my least favourite femme fatale so far. Enjoyed the first attack on Bond as the bad guy clubbed his female counterpart, ouch. Seemed out of place for the era. Simply enjoyable.

Steve W (it) wrote: A soviet investigator falls in love with an charming lawyer in this Billy Wilder partially penned romantic comedy. The movie moves along at a sluggish pace, but the chemistry between the leads is solid, and Garbo is beautiful and fantastic. A much simpler solution at the end would be for the two leads to get married, so Leon could get his visa. But this is my first Ernst Lubitsch film, and its a good one.

Onie S (jp) wrote: Possibly the worst Star Trek movie. The first 30 minutes were okay, even though there was a long unnecessary shot of the Enterprise.. I like the idea of Voyager coming back to Earth, but everything happens slowly. When they encounter the probe, there is a lot of staring at the view screen, and long shots of the Enterprise traveling to the heart of the probe. The special effects are pretty good for 1979, but that's all this movie has going for it, and I couldn't recommend it, especially to people who aren't into Star Trek.