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Bradley W (it) wrote: The Railway Man acquaints us with a suspenseful and mysterious gaze into the hard-shelled agony of PTSD.

Kevin L (ag) wrote: Good natured family movie about America's first game--thumbs up for any lacrosse players or ex-players to see the roots of the game and the modern game featured. I'd be happy to watch it again with my young nephews any day!

Aysha D (kr) wrote: Great piece of grindhouse!

Paul E (jp) wrote: Adequate, but really has no new revelations. Plus, this is being sold as scary/horror. Not even close.

Wayne K (mx) wrote: A truly brutal and gripping cinematic experience, Lone Survivor may be brazenly gung-ho and jingoistic, not to mention somewhat anti-climactic, but it delivers a metric tonne of thrills and contains one of the most intense and bloodiest gun fights I've ever seen in a film. It might stretch the suspension of disbelief a little too much at times, with our heroes surviving not 1 but fatal-looking cliff falls, but the excitement comes from the fact that it puts you right in the action, and you feel everything. Every bullet, every kick, every punch and every single thing the protagonist crash into. It's a bleak as Hell depiction of the savagery of war and just how strong the will to survive truly is. It's not a masterpiece, and many movies have been made with a more complex and compelling message on war, but for its sheer amount of heart-pounding action, scenes, it's definitely worth at least one watch.

Carol M (gb) wrote: Visually fine but doesn't offer anything new on an overworked theme. And a frankly squirm-worthy love scene in its extreme sappiness. One of those movies I saw in the theater and only made it to the end because we carpooled.

Stephanie H (mx) wrote: watching it in english class lol funny different channels saturday night dead dwaynes underworld lol french revolution cartoon mouses :) channel surfing much

Jonathan P (ag) wrote: Lean on Me is just another average addition to the inspirational bad school made good genre. Fueled by the amazing Morgan Freeman Lean on Me is a decent film without a hint of originality to separate it from the plethora of other films of the genre,

Tim H (ag) wrote: Okay, technically, this should be the last review of Carlos Saura's Flamenco trilogy because I had all these supports in the other films why this movie only gets three stars. But since Flixster has yet to add them, I suppose that I must review them without the support of the other two movies. Blood Wedding and Carmen all build up to this movie. Blood Wedding is a fairly traditional theatre experience while Carmen uses the theatre world to tell a fictional story. El Amor Brujo is just a fictional melodrama. That's okay, but it does somewhat crawl over the course of an hour-45. While I appreciate a good romantic ghost story, the dancing in this film both add and detract from the emotional intensity. We see very little character development compared to Carmen, which incorporates dance into the personal battle that rages inside the director's soul. What is very impressive about Amor is the visuals. It is a very stagey-feel and the movie really embraces the surreal world that these characters dance in. There is also an extremely odd transition in this movie. After Antonio Gades's character returns from prison after being mistaken for the killer (how? I don't know), life simply continues on. If I hadn't read the plot summary, I would have been completely lost until well into the next discussion. Maybe it's because I'm an idiot, but that's how I felt. But again, the dancing is fantastic. If you are looking for a loose story with fantastic flamenco dancing, this movie will do it for you. If you are looking for real, in-depth substance...perhaps this isn't the place to go.

Leo L (nl) wrote: An interesting movie.

Luke W (ca) wrote: I wanted to like this film more than I did, but the occasionally stilted dialogue, paired with some murky plot developments, kept me from fully enjoying the story as a whole.

Erin D (us) wrote: brilliant early cinema