La ladrona

La ladrona

Twin sisters butt heads over a feller. One goes into a convent, the other becomes a professional thiefstress.

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Dan M (ru) wrote: Now this is a gripping movie. Hollywood, are you paying attention?

Amy B (ag) wrote: if you have teensor tweens this is a cute movie/story. It was a bit confusing at first but the movied had a good story line and it was fun trying to figure out who was causing the problems. We figured it out at the very end but before it was reveled.

Devon W (ca) wrote: Four prisoners discover a diary in their cell with black magic rituals that they attempt to use to escape. Bad stuff happens. Weird, weird little french flick. For taking place almost the entire run-time in a prison cell, it does an amazing job keeping you from realizing it. The characters are quirky and unique, and the very fast progression of character development is practically unnoticable due to the fine acting. The ending's a little silly, but I thought it was something new and loved it. Worth a watch if you like the odd lovecraftian horrors.

Laurence M (ru) wrote: A phenomenal movie. While it is fiction, it is based on a real event, and it is shot like a documentary. It is totally gripping, and a stunning stunning movie. This is one of those movies that makes you look at the world differently once you've seen it. I'm very interested in the US/Immigration debate, and while this movie is based on Chinese illegal immigration in the UK, it really opens the eyes to the real issues involved. If you only watch one movie this year, make it this one. Brilliant!

Kris W (it) wrote: Spike Lee's 2nd proper film, about an all Black college. The plot jumps around, and their is no structure atimes, but a lot of the individual scenes are good, especially the ones featuring Lee, Fishburne, Esposito, and Ossie Davis. Certainly this was a good movies beofre he started making great oes, i.e., Do The Right Thing, Summer Of Sam, and 25th Hour. Also, a then unknown Samuel L Jackson has a small part. Grady: In life, there are times to be quiet, to shut the fuck up. This is one of those times. Julian Eaves: You talk more shit than a little bit. Monroe: Learn to articulate, you juvenile delinquent! Wanna Be's: You're just a jig-a-boo, tryin' to find somethin' to do! Jig-A-Boo's: Well, you're a wanna-be, wanna be better than me! Julian Eaves: Half-Pint, how tall are you? Half-Pint: Five feet, five inches. Julian Eaves: You are a five foot, five inch piece of shit. Leeds: Now I bet you niggers do think y'all white. College don't mean shit. Y'all niggers, and you gonna be niggers forever... just like us. Niggers. Dap: You're not niggers. Dap: [shouts] Wake up!

Callum R (au) wrote: My Brilliant Career: Part of my 'Women On Film' module at university this utterly contrived drivel issues out and assigns every period drama cliche known to man. Other than our heroine's choice of career over man at the end offers little to congratulate. The direction assumes women are merely lost without the 'man' and while the banter between Neil and Davis saves the film in part from the pit of the desolate recycling plant there is neither enough charm nor power in eithers performance to truly do the material justice. In its day it won several prestigious prizes from film festivals, but such mediocore narrative cannot hide behind stunning cinematography alone. An early rendition of 'Atonements' cataclysmic mistake in approach. 48/100

Nikki B (nl) wrote: I soooo loved this movie.

Paul D (fr) wrote: A good spy thriller, Cagney is a strong lead and the plot is easy to follow.

Ben T (es) wrote: I don't know why the critical responses are so mean like that... Jim Carrey's funny acting and smart script are both the best elements of this film, made Bruce Almighty a hilarious movie for all-ages.

Philip S (nl) wrote: Compelling film with strong performances. I enjoyed it. Not every scene is silky smooth, but the characters maintain one's interest. A good AI-themed story. Recommended for watching alone on a quiet night so that you can immerse yourself properly.

Alex K (au) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Corbin B (ag) wrote: While this doesn't add anything new to the genre it doesn't take anything away from it. It is a good old fashioned revenge story.

Matt B (br) wrote: Everyone has amnesia! Who do you trust?! Barry Pepper still has an incompetant agent! Didn't we burn out on these almost interesting actors bickering about a crime twist-a-thons in the mid 90's?

Giovanni M (us) wrote: Fascinating documentary on Tower Records and it's impact on the music industry, all the way until 2006 when the Internet essentially killed their business model. Directed by Colin Hanks.