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La liste


Former cop Michael Lombardi is accused of murder, and only his brother, Roman, is convinced of his innocence. Now the suspicion is moving to Roman when his superiors make an important discovery. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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ashlee m (es) wrote: it'll keep you on the end of your seat

matthias f (fr) wrote: Great story, great humour. Wonderful storytelling. Gore Verbinski at the top!

Nick F (gb) wrote: Very unique setting but nothing new as a story. It WAS an entertaining watch though.

Hans J E (de) wrote: An ok thriller with a solid performance by Asia Argento.

Johnny T (br) wrote: Among the many strengths of the sweetly touching Introducing the Dwights, a small gem from Australia unearthed at the Sundance Film Festival, is that Jean never becomes Godzilla. Funny and appalling, doting and possessive, petty and selfless, raunchy and righteous, Jeannie is the pivot of the charming, garish, somewhat overwritten Australian comedy Introducing the Dwights. It does what all good coming of age movies do, and that makes it a worthy and welcome entry into the genre. Director Cherie Nowlan creates vivid personalities for the entire family and exposes the raw nerves of the biting humor. This film avoids the predictable. Director Cherie Nowlan shows a deft hand, taking us right into the anger and pain of a single mother confronting disappointment and loss even as she's delivering her zingers. This movie is funny, but delivers a serious blow to anyone who might be entertaining thoughts of joining a 50-plus pick-up band, or sprucing up her old act and taking it on the road. VERDICT: "High-Quality Stuff" - [Positive Reaction] This is a rating to a movie I view as very entertaining and well made, and definitely worth paying the full price at a theatre to see or own on DVD. It is not perfect, but it is definitely excellent. (Films that are rated 3.5 or 4 stars)

Brian B (de) wrote: Out of all the movies I've ever seen, Sunshine is the one that I've watched the most because it is very addicting.This is set in the future when the sun is dying out. 8 astronauts then have to go to the sun to deliver a stellar bomb in hopes of re-starting the sun. But the mission proves to be increasingly difficult.I wasn't a fan at first but this has grown on me a lot. This is a very entertaining movie. It will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. What I like about it is that it kept me engaged all throughout it. Every single one of its action sequences keeps you on the edge of your seats the entire time. The sacrifices made by the crew members are heroic and jaw-dropping. Every characters death scene is handled with care and is done superbly. The movie handles its scenes with care to make them look as good as possible. The movie has a lot of repeat watchability due to this and it adds a whole lot to this movie.I know that a lot of people complained about Pinbacker, but I disagree with you all. The movie needed something big to spice things up. It needed something to raise tension. Otherwise, the movie would've just been bland. Pinbacker brought a lot of tension to the movie and he carried it with excellence. I know that it's a drastic change of plot so I can understand why someone might not like it. However, what you have to admit is that Pinbacker was a lot better than most slasher/horror movies nowadays. Also, the final third had moving scenes too. Mays death was an amazing scene, the Capa's jump scene is tense and well-done, and the last 5 minutes is just downright beautiful.This is a really underrated movie. It deserves much more praise. I think that this is a masterpiece. I've seen a few good arguments people have been bringing up but they don't affect my opinion of this. This is one of my favorite movies of all time.

Giovanny C (ca) wrote: Pelcula para echar un rato vindola sin ms pretensin.Es una pelcula que empieza con el tpico recurso de cisne hermoso y bello se enamora del patito feo y tmido. Aunque, como suele tambin ocurrir, acaba el cisne por ser el pato feo y viceversa.

Kamal J (ca) wrote: An intense and cerebral account of Hitler's last days in his Berlin bunker with a masterful performance by Bruno Ganz that captures the madness and melancholy of a defeated man.

Angela B (es) wrote: Steven are you kidding you had better of watched twilight.

Daniel S (de) wrote: A lot more eerie and mysterious than I expected coming in, its creates a very creepy vibe thanks to its music and cinematography and editing, all are very well done and executed, in addition to working as a thriller, it also serves as an insight to the world of a call girl, while now it might not seem that shocking, but at the time i dont think any film had gone into that much detail before, both fonda and sutherland are good, and scheider has a good supporting role as a sleazy pimp, different from the good guys he usually plays, the only complaint is i thought the final reveal was weak and it didnt warrant all the build up it had, until then though, its quite good

Jason S (ag) wrote: pretty good mexican western type movie

JH K (mx) wrote: Una pelicula, bueno, aceptable, aunque notoriamente mal actuada y demasiado exagerada.

Alden S (it) wrote: 10 out of 10:Powerfully acted, great direction, and a story that's sometimes funny, other times tragic are the qualities that can be found in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.

Seth S (jp) wrote: An interesting documentary about the Isabella Stewart Gardner theft, so of obvious interest to anyone in the Boston area. Harold Smith, the art detective who serves as the secondary subject of the film, is as interesting as the story of the theft.

Chase N (ag) wrote: I like this movie a lot and would love to see it