La malavita attacca. La polizia risponde.

La malavita attacca. La polizia risponde.

Returning from Switzerland to Rome, the boss prof. Salviati, called 'The Prince', finds his business compromised by Rudy, a small local bandit full of presumption, audacity and men ready to kill. Commissioner Baldi a young and brave employee, will fight against them with the help of an ex-employee Rampelli.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:1977
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:poliziottesco,  

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La malavita attacca. La polizia risponde. torrent reviews

Larry C (ru) wrote: This is a weak movie

Albert M (gb) wrote: The game has to be one of the worst actors I've seen

Matthew S (au) wrote: Original, disturbing, funny and touching. An unforgettable film featuring an amazing performance from Amy Adams.

qand J (br) wrote: the moive wasn't that good but fredeen was goooood as always ..

Marischa B (mx) wrote: i hired this film out last night, as it looked like a fun American teen film, but i wasn't convinced while watching it. Tad isn't that bad, one little comment i noted throughout the whole film, which made him the bad guy. which was only said to make sure she didn't feel bad. the *nerd* guy so to speak wasn't nice, he got her in trouble and there didn't seem any love connection between them, no spark. i wasn't surprised at the ending, i though it added to the weak film, there was no excitement, tad wasn't at all horrible, but the good guy was??? and the poor lady at the bar, she remains alone. it didn't have any real laughs in it, it just seemed a bit weak.

William M (us) wrote: Great Action film...nobody is better than Jet Li...not even bruce

Scott D (fr) wrote: 18 years later, the movie is as fresh and stylish as anything to come out in the next 18 years. If I show somebody one David Lynch film to start them off, it is this one. You get a little of everything from Lynch's enigmatic bailiwick in this beautiful poem on celluloid. The music is perfectly assembled and arranged, it allows the viewer to feel at home in the unpredictable plot-maze. Robert Loggia delivers the goods here, and causes me to wonder what great roles he could have played over the years had he not been typecast so often. Bill Pullman tries hard to take the movie down with his Al Gore like wooden-ness, but that is perfect for the Lynchian lead-male meme so it works. Patricia Arquette is versatile and makes everything look better, her work here will go unnoticed in the annals of thespian-ship but it deserves respect. I guess I've watched this movie a few times, so I am biased. Lost Highway is not my favorite Lynch film, but it is the one that captures the best about him most easily. I have never walked so carefully around coffee tables until I saw this movie. Ouch.

Knox M (au) wrote: Ignored upon release in 1982, this masterpiece by Samuel Fuller has now joined the pantheon of great movies.

Ramos J (nl) wrote: I remember seeing this one at the drive in with my family.

Nate W (de) wrote: "Life with Father" is a mild comedy of manners surrounding an Irish-American New York family and their often indignant father who responds poorly to unexpected changes in his deeply carved routines. William Powell hams it up as father, and a young Elizabeth Taylor is gleefully flirtatious as an out-of-town visitor who takes a fancy to father's son. As a retrospective on the old fashioned values such as religion and the place of women in society, "Life with Father" is a kicker of a time capsule. As a film that attempts to make us laugh, it doesn't leave much of a lasting impression.

Michael G (ru) wrote: Isle of the Dead is another great movie in the Val Lewton stable of low budget but obscenely effective suspense/horror movies. It beautifully straddles paranoia, superstition and science in that trademarked Lewton wonderful world of shadows. Boris Karloff is great as a mistrusting general stuck on a Greek island to avoid a plague outbreak amonst his soldiers. The introduction of others on the island plays out almost like an Agatha Christie mystery without the conventions. The cast is great and the last 10 minutes are some of the creepiest I've seen in recent memory. Katherine Emery running around the darkness was magnificently horrifying.

ime S (jp) wrote: Story about 4 navy seals. It is little bit clich but very good acting, nice imitation and accuracy at the end it is true based story.

Ted W (ru) wrote: Terrible boring kids animated movie . For some reason this book can't become a movie and succeed. I like the animation in this movie but the dialogue is cheesy bit sad at the same time but it's still way way better than the Disney adaptation. I like the bfgs character and how he talks but at the same time his cheesiness is still there but thats how he's supposed to act like. The monsters look weird, I can't forget about that and it would be creepy . Good story but only as a book , I don't know what but something about this movie doesn't click as a movie to me.

Kyle S (ag) wrote: I loved bad ass Genie Jafar!

Paul N (gb) wrote: An idea with a lot of potential. A cast with a lot of potential (even Billy Baldwin in Wolfman mode). All of it wasted, wasted, wasted. Despite some great possible characters, this movie is poorly developed - a painfully appropo pun for a film centered around an optics metaphor. The film asserts that we engage life with either a telephoto lens or a wide angle lens. Either we focus narrowly into the pain within, or we broaden our vision to encompass those around us, enriching our life in the process. Realizing that we do not suffer alone, and that we suffer most in our isolation. A great idea. Wasted, wasted, wasted.Overall the film is incredibly narcissistic. Reality and experiences and other people are simply there for our own purposes, our own enjoyment, our own fascination. If that's all that there is to life and relationships, no wonder so many of them flounder. A movie that could have been profound, or realistic, or understanding, or insightful. Instead it's just ridiculous, and, if I haven't mentioned it already, wasted, wasted, wasted.

AZ D (fr) wrote: One of my favorite horror flix from the late 80's that is quite a gem!! A slasher film with a supernatural twist containing a scary and gruesome villain. A definite must see for horror fans!!

Fatchi D (jp) wrote: This is a very funny and entertaining film with very endearing and larger than life characters (for example Harvey Keitel's sexy latina girlfriend, Violetta). Brilliant acting that brings alive a lovely "simple" slice of daily life in Brooklyn (alongside an advert for moving there) as one might like to imagine it could be (the script writers had obviously not yet heard of Lil' Fame & Billy Danz, otherwise known as MOP).