La mano de un hombre muerto

La mano de un hombre muerto

When violent crime strikes a tiny hamlet, the townsfolk suspect the distant relative of a sadistic 17th century baron who cursed the village.

Very rare XXX mondo-style film in which a psychiatrist explains to his students several stories of sexual deviants. Each vignette begins with the doctor citing a fact-based newspaper/magazine story of abhorrent sexual behavior. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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JayKumar B (nl) wrote: cotton candy with two real good eye candies :D

Michael H (jp) wrote: This was so bad it was funny. As soon as it was shown on the syfy chanel i knew in my mind that this was gonna be horrendous. Syfy shouldnt make movies. Hydra's acting were awful, the special effects were awful it became a laughing stock. Theres no dialogue between the characters on what actually happened and why. The plot was ridiculous, about a few hunters trying to gain redemption by killing (no one knows why) yet theres a mysterious creature among them. Stupid. I just had to laugh.

Kaitlynn B (ag) wrote: I loved it...great movie about growing up and the importance of family

Jess G (gb) wrote: Una peli para amar y odiar a partes iguales. Es mala, reconozcamoslo; la historia es mas bien flojita y las canciones, que tienen poco que ver con la historia, entran porque si... Pero algunos de los numeros musicales son impresionantes, sobre todo el del principio y el "True Blue". Perfectos, me dejaron sin palabras...Por otro lado, es la primera vez que mi adorada Najwa se sale de su registro monotono para hacer algo diferente. Si ya lo sabia yo que era una grande! En definitiva, que esta bien para pasar la tarde del domingo...

Jessica H (fr) wrote: A little trip to boredom.

Dorothy S (us) wrote: Christmas movies should be sugary. No violence, no dark humor.

Jeff B (gb) wrote: The casino scene was great, and the rest of it held together all right, but the end just fell apart.

Nishit K (ru) wrote: A Classic and equally spine chilling story, beautiful songs, awesome cinematography, fantastic acting and to top it all this being a Gulzar film, Maachis is certainly one of the best political thrillers of its time.Maachis, unfortunately is now a forgotten story which equally deserved its own share of accolades.

Private U (mx) wrote: Isabelle Adjani is mesmerising and so tormented it hurts. Superb plot.

Allan C (br) wrote: Vincent Price is back as the diabolical Dr. Phibes, this time trying to find an ancient Egyptian elixir to resurrect his beloved wife. Robert Fuest also returns as director and co-screenwriter, so the film definitely retains the same quirky and stylish tone. Peter Cushing also joins the cast. It's not quite as twisted as the first film, but it's still a lot of fun.

Anna L (ag) wrote: Adds a new perspective to the events of 1968.

Senor C (fr) wrote: Not as funky as the first Blacula (I do miss that soundtrax) it's sequel is still a good entry in the vampire genre & is even a little better then the first in some aspects. It's continuity is definitely better. Blacula is back again & employs the help of Pam Grier & her voodoo powers to return him home. It's never really explained if home is back to Africa (if that's the case just fly. you can turn into a bat for fucksakes) or if he means to travel back in time when he was a prince. It doesn't need to make much sense just enjoy the vamp. William Marshall is once again excellent as the Black Prince of Darkness like when some bitch is talking shit to him. Some times to you gotta shut a bitch up.

Nathan B (ca) wrote: On one hand its terrible, on the other hand it doesn't shy away from controversy and clichs.I have to give it 3 stars for some ballsy stuff on display