La 'Moara cu noroc'

La 'Moara cu noroc'

Follows the inner transformation of a man who tried to fight his demon, the love for money, and lost.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:1955
  • Language:Romanian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

The Mill of Good Luck (Romanian: La 'Moara cu noroc') is a 1955 Romanian drama film directed by Victor Iliu. It was entered into the 1957 Cannes Film Festival. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


La 'Moara cu noroc' torrent reviews

April (jp) wrote: Decent watch. Kept my interest.

Daniel B (mx) wrote: Engrossing performances from Rockwell and Wilde does not compensate for flaws of this uneventful film.

Alfin N (fr) wrote: It is a great experience to imaginarily enter the mind and eyes of a 16th century Belgian painter named Pieter Bruegel.

Hanna S (kr) wrote: A disturbing drama including a beautiful set and great performances

Kylie C (gb) wrote: If you are looking for something scary, then this wont be it. Its kinda predictable, but it isnt the worst movie I have seen.

Dimity P (mx) wrote: I really liked this movie- it had a satisfying end without getting too sappy. It was funny, thought-provoking and cute. I highly recommend it.

Andy C (kr) wrote: Three sisters must face each other and their childhoods while taking care of their dying mother. The revelations come as no surprise but the acting is superb and draws you into the characters' plights.

Karrald G (au) wrote: A very strange movie with very strange people. Everyone is right. The world of modeling is definitely a completely different world.

Eric H (br) wrote: If indescribable visual beauty, extraordinary subtlety, intelligence and poetic/elliptical narrative are amongst those things you value in cinema, then this film will not only not disappoint, it will become one of the benchmarks by which you measure all subsequent and previous narrative films. A film that is so exquisitely and intelligently crafted, choreographed and stylised that it defies belief. Its images will remain engraved in your memory for a long, long time - especially, perhaps, the astonishing final scene... As a specialist in French cinema, I would place "Beau travail" amongst the best French (and not just French) films ever made. On leaving the cinema, I overheard someone muttering about the "absence of a plot-line". And, indeed, "Beau travail" is definitely not for lazy spectators who need to be taken and held by the hand..

Evy R (mx) wrote: mon film pr (C)f (C)r (C) ever . <3

bob w (ag) wrote: a bit lumpy but well acted. it seemed to be pulled along vs flowing as if ideas were applied chock-a-block fashion. holden and russel have made better movies.

Cheryl C (ca) wrote: alarming, beautifully told story with great actors playing fantastically complicated characters. just another Almodovar film. this one might disturb a few more viewers than usual, though.

Dan K (jp) wrote: What a nice movie. But Reynolds, Jill Clayburgh, Candice Bergen - all of them charming.

Pamela O (ca) wrote: Excellent Hammer horror...:)

Li O (au) wrote: This movie is hilarious. Sometimes it means to be, sometimes it doesn't. But you'll be laughing the whole time. *Fog horn noise*

Red L (ru) wrote: Simple predictable story, but I enjoyed seeing all the sights of Rome again. I don't know if I would have watched it save for the fact we just spent some time in Rome.

Stephen P (ag) wrote: Luke Goss is at his best! Definitely worth watching!

David L (ru) wrote: Amazing what throwing in a decent soundtrack can do. Without it, this is just another corny chick flick that would've no doubt annoyed the hell out of me. With it, it's a catchy modern number that puts a new twist on some classic tunes, as well as busting out some smooth moves on the dance floor. This is littered with a variety of personalities, individually chosen for their unique traits that each provide something different for their respective singing groups. Whether as individuals or battles, these productions are cleverly choreographed and produced to provide an excellent sing along and humorous movie. From the dry persona of Rebel Wilson to the egotistical lead singer of their opposing band, everybody adds something to the quality of this film. Naturally you can immediately see how the script it's going to pan out - Girl band pitted as the underdog, always losing to the cocky boyband in the regional tournaments. One day a new chick joins the team, adds a different twist to their style, and ........ Well you can guess the rest! There are also side stories going on which to be honest no one gives two hoots about, with the blossoming romance of the two main characters, and the girls desire to get into music producing. Presumably the sequel might progress these two issues, but if it's going to continue to be a success, it just needs to pull together some new styles on more of the old beats. This is all about the music, and providing that's up to scratch, the franchise will do just fine.

Wes S (kr) wrote: Not the first found-footage dinosaur film, but this one feels different enough. I didn't really find it good or bad- but it was nice to see full practical effects used for the dinosaurs, even if they weren't the best. A few nice bits, but otherwise it's nothing noteworthy or out of the average.