La moglie in bianco... l'amante al pepe

La moglie in bianco... l'amante al pepe

In order to get his hands on his father's inheritance and pay all his debts, Don Peppino must see his son Gianluca married and produce an heir within a year. Problem is everybody suspects the boy of playing for the other team.

In order to get his hands on his father's inheritance and pay all his debts, Don Peppino must see his son Gianluca married and produce an heir within a year. Problem is everybody suspects the boy of playing for the other team. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jenn M (es) wrote: It was okay, not as bad as I had anticipated.The acting was bad, just bad. The story was basically the same as many other haunting stories surrounding houses, but was expecting more of the witch angle in this one. It was only sort of in the background.Still not absolutely brutal or anything, I watched it until the end lol

Justin B (kr) wrote: I sweet little story stretched to feature length and bastardized by creepy, inconsistent and pointless motion capture work leaving us with little but glimpses of what it could have been.

Loyal D (br) wrote: A good premise with horrible execution. The acting was mediocre, yet not horrid and it had a good amount of action, but not enough character. It isn't the worst Comic book movie, but it is very far from the best. It was filled with too many cliches and tried to hard to shove Megan Fox's sexy behind down our throats to be truly enjoyable and filled with good content. Everything about the film is mediocre and irrelevant for the average movie goer to make it worth their while. I only saw it because I have seen every comic book movie ever made and this falls in that genre.

Brian F (de) wrote: EVIL ASSEMBLY LINES DOCUMENTARY DOUBLE-FEATURE!!!Interesting documentary that portrays the increasing industrialization of China through the photography of Edward Burtynsky, who finds beauty and terror in the massive machinery and technology. It will make you think twice about buying and discarding that cheap merchandise from the big box stores!

Anatoly S (kr) wrote: An independent comedy about car salesmen that shifts gears during the final act and stops being a comedy. Still, that doesn't take away from the fact that it's actually really funny and really well done. RECOMMENDED.

Utsav B (fr) wrote: nice movie..fa me sharukh rocks

Lee P (ca) wrote: Parker Posey's tits and Quentin Tarantino explaining Top Guns homosexual agenda make this a must see film even though it is not a very good film

Terri H (mx) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Sarah F (kr) wrote: Meh! Was going to turn this off at one point, but I was more than half way through so I finished it. I wouldn't recommend this film and I like Dreyfuss. Found it to be quite a dud.

Leanne R (nl) wrote: SAY IT AGAIN!!!Uncle Vonne? Is that YOU???

Ryan C (au) wrote: I'm so fascinated by this story. Is it possible to teach another species to communicate its thoughts and emotions? If it is possible, then we need to seriously reevaluate how we treat/look at nature. Now I'm not completely convinced that Koko really knows what she's saying. It appears that she signs to just get a treat. But Penny Patterson has said that Koko has signed many times without expecting a treat. And a few years ago, AOL had an online chat with Koko. If you read the transcript, it appears that Koko says the same things over and over (like 'lip' and 'nipple' - which, according to Patterson, is how Koko refers to people), and Patterson constantly explains the meaning behind what Koko is saying. So, again, does Koko completely understand what she's saying? Who knows, really. That aside, this documentary is quite engaging. It's amazing to watch this gorilla interact with people. Sometimes Koko acts like a person. Although, Barbet Schroeder has said that Koko acted differently when the cameras were rolling. Anyway, I love the interview with the Zoo keeper as well. He makes a good case about why Koko should remain in a gorilla society, and not brought into our society. But it's not cruelty to animals by any means. It's obvious Koko is loved. And always will be loved. And it's hard to watch this documentary and not fall in love with Koko yourself.

Sergel C (us) wrote: After 32 years, two sequels, and two prequels, The Exorcist remains an impossible act to follow.

Peter P (ag) wrote: Largely under appreciated heist movie, with Morgan Freeman, Antonio Banderas, Radha Mitchell, Robert Forester and Rade Serbedzija all putting in good performances and a good story that keeps you guessing.