La montaña rusa

La montaña rusa


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Spanish
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La montaña rusa torrent reviews

Ben L (mx) wrote: Sita Sings the Blues is one of the oddest, and most ambitious animated films ever. What you have here is a movie almost entirely made by one person (Nina Paley) that features no less than 4 different styles of animation. If that wasn't crazy enough this movie also attempts to blend events that occurred in the writers life with events from the Ramayana (an epic tale from India), and the lyrics of jazz music from the 1920s. Just spelling that out sounds utterly nuts, and yet she pulls it off. The animation is unique in all its different styles, and while you'll see the same characters in more than one type of animation, they give each character a distinctive visual trait that carries over so you never lose track of what is going on. Perhaps the hardest part to understand are the scenes from Nina Paley's real life, it took most of the film before I started to connect the dots between the life of Nina and the legend of Sita. Now some may read this and think "Hey, I've never even heard of the Ramayana, how am I going to enjoy this movie?" Well, I hadn't heard of it either until I watched this movie, luckily there is a charming group of narrators who tell the story. They do it in a very fun, conversational style which makes you feel at ease, and keeps it simple to understand.However my favorite sequences are the moments when Sita breaks into song. These classic jazz/blues songs sung by Annette Hanshaw are simply marvelous, and I'm absolutely amazed by how perfectly they blend into the story. From what I understand, though, these songs are what created a lot of problems for Nina Paley. I'm telling this story 3rd-hand, so forgive any inaccuracies, but I have a very good reason for sharing it, so read on. Apparently, Nina created the film without clearing the rights to the music. When she then tried to license the film she realized there was no way she was going to be able to afford the royalties needed to get these songs in her movie, but they were essential to make the movie work. So, instead of giving up on Sita Sings the Blues, she decided to make it entirely free. By not charging to see it, and in fact sharing it freely for all, she somehow bypassed the requirement to pay royalties. So, I mention that history because what it means is this movie is 100% free to watch. You can view it right now, and I would highly recommend it. This movie is something that almost defies description, but delivers on everything it attempts, in ways I never expected. And let's face it you can't beat the price.

Sebas B (ca) wrote: Finally a good and funny spoof of 300, the gladiator and Troy as the examples. But.....It comes a few years to late. I had fun with this one and I am waiting for more spoofs from this director.

Leetong Z (jp) wrote: just my kind of chick flick! :)

Bevin M (it) wrote: This movie had all the makings of a classic midnight trash fest. Unfortunately, the director was making a completely different movie. Pretentious and unwatchable

Dann M (au) wrote: A lighthearted romantic comedy, Little Black Book delivers some good laughs. The story follows an associate producer of a daytime talk show who uses her position to look into her boyfriend's past relationships. Starring Brittany Murphy, Holly Hunter, Rashida Jones, Julianne Nicholson, and Ron Livingston, the film has a great cast that has a lot of comedic talent. However, the plot is pretty stereotypical for a rom-com and uses all of the standard cliches. Still, there's some cleverness to the script, in that it purposely uses the cliches in a satirical way. The main problem though, is the last act; which feels tacked on and disconnect from the main plot. Little Black Book is entertaining and fun, but it's a little messy and doesn't really come together in the end.

Skyler B (it) wrote: The only Hellraiser after the second one worth viewing.

Josh E (es) wrote: poor acting, shitty writing what else could you want? :P

Amasa G (nl) wrote: I've never really been impressed with Kubrick's multi-humped story arches and I certainly didn't care for it in this movie. They started with the training which was an interesting part of the movie but it didn't end at that point - the part about being in Vietnam certainly didn't relate at all to the part in boot camp. Before I say that I didn't like it - this movie is an interesting movie for sure. It has a lot of questions that it asks and a lot of answers that it doesn't give and there are interesting moments of humor and meta-fiction. But the over-arching truth of this movie is that it doesn't really show much. It seems like the movie is a pretty composite movie scene to scene but at the end I ask myself - So what? It seemed like an amateurish and insensitive view at war and the in-humanity of war. If we're looking at war then let's look at war and not play around with a bunch of curse words, sex jokes, and characters that nobody can care about.

Darren P (ru) wrote: Nothing but a good time.

Adam A (mx) wrote: "Cheesy" IS the right word to describe this movie. It is too melodramatic, too preachy and too soft for its two man(ly) leads."

Brandon G (nl) wrote: Excellent movie, wonderful score, fairly accurate chess... My only problem with this movie was Toby Macguire's performance as Bobby Fischer. It seemed rather one-dimensional - all serial-killer eyes all the time. We didn't really get a chance to know who Fischer was.Lies Schreiber was excellent as Spassky. Peter Saarsgard was very strong, too.