La morte risale a ieri sera

La morte risale a ieri sera

A chief police inspector investigates the disappearance of a 25-year-old, intellectually disabled woman, the daughter of a lonely widower. After she turns up dead, the cops race to find the...

A chief police inspector investigates the disappearance of a 25-year-old, mentally retarded woman, the daughter of a lonely widower. After she turns up dead, the cops race to find the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Venetia D (ru) wrote: An indie coming-of-age movie.

Cassie T (it) wrote: Kim Possible and Ron Stopable..Love them

Cath F (us) wrote: quirky, thoughtful, depressing for a little bit but uplifting by the credits. makes an impact.

Steven J (ag) wrote: Yeah it's another 90's action movie, but it's got humor, great dialogue, good energy, a suprisingly good story and some great performances. It's not a masterpiece, but as an action film it's up there with the best.

Harry W (es) wrote: Although Another You was a misfire, I did enjoy the presences of both Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor and figured it would be worth a shot to check out what other collaborations they offered.Stir Crazy has a pretty crazy plot which gets ridiculous in parts, so its sporadiacally funny. But there is no consistency to the success of the humour. Granted it may succeed at certain moments by giving a few comedic surprises, but it is very inconsistent.On a positive note, it has a charming comedic atmosphere and the script is seriously funny at times. Although it can be hit and miss, when it hits it proves to hit well. And Sidney Poitier's direction manages to keep it tied together most of the time. And the charms of Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor keep it alive. Both give hilarious performances with such passion in their comedic line delivery, and their chemistry together has a really strong buddy feel to it which helps make the story feel more genuine and the characters more hilarious. They both put in a great effort which ends up being the primary source of success in Stir Crazy and keep the comedic roots of the film strong as it jumps out in random places.Plus Stir Crazy is well paced and shot with fine cinematography, and with its convincing production design and costume the entire movie feels more genuine.But like I said, the film is only sporadically funny and many jokes are hit and miss depending on how the viewer interprets them. The jokes remind us of a time where this kind of humour wasn't in every comedy film every 5 minutes, but in Stir Crazy it just isn't around enough. I didn't laugh as much as I should have or hoped to have, so it wasn't a completely great film. It relied more on the talents of the cast than it did on any form of clever screenwriting because the wacky bunch of characters in the film are really scattered over its running time, and it feels like it goes for a bit long for its own good. The comedic impact is weakened by this so it doesn't come off as best as it could.So Stir Crazy benefits from its lead actors and some scattered laughs, but some people may find it to be too scattered.

Meaghan C (jp) wrote: A sweet romantic comedy. I love the cameos (Charlie Chaplin and John Gilbert).

charles m (au) wrote: not a review; a complaint (can't find anywhere else to put it). The line about "gay marriage" in MOVIE INFO or gay-anything is not a subject in Effie Gray. The MOVIE INFO comment is not only irrelevant but misleading. Many other movie scheduling websites copy this paragraph and will disappoint people both people who buy tickets expecting the gay content as well as deter others from seeing it. Oversight is needed for whoever writes what should be objective and ACCURATE "movie info." Tacking on controversial subject matter where it doesn't belong speaks badly for Rotten Tomatoes as forum for both popularity and criticism. Please correct this.