La mossa del pinguino

La mossa del pinguino

Four friends discover the sport of curling, and, convinced of their potential, decide to form a team for the Winter Olympic Games of Turin 2006.

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Eduardo S (ag) wrote: La idea es genial, me gusto!

Keli E (nl) wrote: Love all Levi shows!

Brian C (mx) wrote: A few good jokes, but for the most part it was offensive for the sake of being offensive. What could have been a great revenge story turned out to just be a bunch of rambling nonsense.Acting was sub-par. Nice cameo by Lloyd Kaufman but just lacked the charm of most Troma style pictures.Best left unseen.

Brad S (es) wrote: This film didn't work for me at all. It's a dark film with no real hope, and though it's technically well made, I just couldn't get into it. The performances are decent, but i didn't care at all about the characters so I didn't care what happened. It is essentially watching a marriage slowly disintegrate over a 2hr film, with no redeeming qualities for me. This may just be a personal opinion, so just for yourself as there's a lot of talented people involved in this film.

Kenny S (nl) wrote: brilaiant film, for me i could really relate to the diferent characters in this film. espeacially agustin who leaves his mother and his lifestyle to make it on his own in new york.

Always S (kr) wrote: Jason Scott Lee is hot with long hair!

Alvin Y (ag) wrote: A brilliant coming of an age story. Believe me, it's i think a lot better than Moonrise Kingdom and The perks of Being a wallflower. Really, this is how indie filmmaking should be!

Ember R (de) wrote: So disappointing from the first "trade..." Everyone's needful thing is changed! The point of the baseball card is lost. Nettie's beautiful carnival glass destroyed! And I won't even say what happened to little sweet raider who never hurt a fly! Appalling. Seriously, why put Wilma on a turkey farm. That dog must have one heckova bark to reach her all the way out there. WHY?! What happened to You Sew and Sew? MAJOR characters like Ace, Cora and Myra and Lester and Sally and John are just... gone. And Alan and Leland do not dance around one another but meet within 15 minutes, pointlessly to the plot. Do yourself a favor... read the book. AVOID the movie. I want my 2 hours back. This should be remade as a miniseries, and everyone involved with this farce should be sent to their beds without supper.

Andrew L (de) wrote: It's a visually beautiful film, yet very repetitive. Just the same fight sequences over and over but in different colours.

Kyle W (fr) wrote: Thought I was going to watch a bootleg of the new M. Night flick, but it was this instead. It was corny and goofy but right up my alley.....see what I did there

my n (kr) wrote: HORRID.and I love watching crappy movies so I liked this one. if you don't think its bad the dvd box even insults it

Allan C (fr) wrote: Interesting Stephen King adaptation from master of horror John Carpenter. Nerdy Keith Gordon lovingly restores an old car, only to find out it's a possessed or somehow sentient car with supernatural powers and the two then form a near sexual relationship. The horror comes in when the car begins to on it's own chase down Gordon's high school rivals (led by William Ostrander who sports some killer sideburns absolutely worth noting) and the ultimately gets jealous of his girlfriend, Alexandra Paul. This film was somewhat different from Carpenter's often claustrophobic horror film that he wrote himself, but this film does have his familiar spare and almost classic Hollywood directing style. While the film is competently crafter, I think Carpenter hit the nail on the head with what went wrong with the film, which is they didn't make it scary enough. However, despite the film not being as scary as it should have been, it still has quite a bit to like about it. Gordon makes a believable transition from awkward nerd (which maybe started out a bit over-the-top with the taped glasses) to something of an angry delinquent. Harry Dean Stanton is terrific in a small supporting role as a police detective investigating the murders connected to the killer car. I couldn't take my eyes off of him he so good in his few scenes. Robert Blossom is quite memorable as the creepy brother of the car's previous owner (who died under mysterious circumstances). Robert Prosky is also good in as a curmudgeonly auto body shop owner. Besides these actors' scenes, the film has some memorable sequences, such as the flaming car chasing down own of Gordon's foes, and the smoking car coming back to the garage and especially the scene where Gordon realizes his car has supernatural powers and tells the car, "Okay. Show me." It had been years since I saw this film and I liked it more than I remembered. Although this film isn't as classic among either Carpenter or King films, it does deserve more respect than I think it's gotten.

Aliye N (de) wrote: A really overlooked film and unheard, but demands a lot of attention and evaluation. Donald Cammell is a film genius and his mosiac cinematic painting really helps with that statement!!