La noche de los brujos

La noche de los brujos

A team of researchers travel into the African jungle to study the mysterious disappearance of elephants in the area. Instead they discover a tribe of voodoo-zombies who rise from the ground...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:1974
  • Language:English,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rape,   murder,   occult,  

A team of researchers travel into the African jungle to study the mysterious disappearance of elephants in the area. Instead they discover a tribe of voodoo-zombies who rise from the ground... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


La noche de los brujos torrent reviews

Colleen M (es) wrote: Beautiful, mystical, mythical and true.

Katy R (ca) wrote: Pretty good! Made me jump a few times...

Rhonda L (de) wrote: A drama about a young woman finding out the hidden side of her fiance, who suddenly died right before their wedding, with the support of their friends.

Kyle N (au) wrote: A poignant descent into madness. Must see for Kaufman fans.

Heather G (ru) wrote: OK I confess - I only got this movie so I could have a perv on Sam Worthington. The mere fact that he was in it implied to me that it would be a poor film. But he is very fit so I didn't care! Lol. However, this film was a pleasant surprise. It is the coming-of-age story of an extremely sexually uninhibited 16 year old girl named Heidi, who comes from a disadvantaged background. After her mother catches her kissing her mother's boyfriend, Heidi runs away to a wealthy ski resort town. After one or two random sexual encounters, Heidi becomes physically involved with Joe, the son of a local farmer. Joe is emotionally distant and, unknown to Heidi, confused about his sexual orientation. The rest of the story follows Heidi's emotional journey to appreciate the difference between sex and love. It also deals with issues of class discrimination. This is a rather good character study of a confused teenager who is between childhood and adulthood. She obviously has some very adult experiences; however the gorgeous cinematography gives the film a dream-like and almost childlike quality. I was also impressed by the acting. Abbie Cornish, who plays Heidi, is perfect for this role so I do hope to see her in bigger and better things. Sam Worthington is a major surprise in this movie. He is often accused of being rather wooden, but he suited the role of an emotionally unavailable young man very well. Surprisingly good; thumbs up!

Matthew L (gb) wrote: Absolutely heartbreaking documentary that chronicles the rarely told story of Hitler's crusade against homosexuality during the Holocaust. Using inverviews with survivors, "Paragraph 175" is a powerful reminder of the devastating effects of prejudice and hatred, and a poignant tribute to a lost Berlin once known as the "homosexual Eden."

Wafa A (ca) wrote: The story is fascinating, the movie was mediocre. I'm actually disappointed because a very controversial subject like incest and a real story should both be handled very carefully to create a good movie. The movie to me felt like it was made just to be made, the acting was actually pretty impressive. I feel that the sexual relationship should have been presented more tastefully, and the oppression should have been clearer throughout the entire film. I sadly did not like the overall presentation, but I liked the performances, and I respect the guts in this movie.

Robert H (jp) wrote: Despite Flixter mixing up the information from this 1989 B movie with the 2014 film of the same name, Leviathan still manages to please me. Out of all the deep sea films of the day (Abyss, Deep Star Six) Leviathan still manages to rank very high on my enjoyment radar while the Abyss, though pretty, isn't as enjoyable. I love the sets and the practical FX. The cast is really good to boot. Peter Weller, Amanda Pays, Ernie Hudson??? Hellooooo!Leviathan is great underwater creature feature fun that I have no problem watching yearly.

Jennifer H (us) wrote: Oh my gosh! This move is the bomb! I know every word... and every fight scene... this film should have been more popular. All I have to say is four words... Ben Affleck in leather.UPDATE: After seeing 'Batman v Superman' I think critics need to revisit 'Daredevil.' This film did not get a fair shake the first time around, granted its not on the level of 'Marvel's Avengers.' However, this was merely 2003. Prior to this film there had only been 4 real, serious attempts to bring the Comic Book Genre to film, the Reeves Superman films, Batman - Batman & Robin, X-Men, and Sam Rami's Spider-Man. This is a great Comic Hero film! Affleck and Garner are absolute superstars as Matt Murdock/Daredevil and Elecktra Notchious. Farrell as Bullseye and the late Michael Clark Duncan as Kingpin, equal the array of talent on the dark side of this filmed world. The conflicts are emotional which makes the action make since and gives it meaning. The motives are also backed by a great story. Granted, the director's cut is the best version; the film is generally written and directed well. This film deserves some justice, as its gritty and emotionally dark. Without this film, in my opinion, Nolan would have never been able to touch 'The Dark Knight' trilogy as this is the predecessor to that brilliant trilogy in the genre.

Rob B (jp) wrote: life is interesting to see the truth of matters, we fear to look at.