La planque

La planque

Three crooks with $50 million from a bank heist decide to hide out at a police station, where the cops mistake them for fellow officers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Walter M (ca) wrote: In his spare time, Jara(Horacio Camandule) babysits his nephew Matias(Federico Garcia). Actually, it's more like they just hang out and play video games together.(Just don't tell anyone.) For work, he is a night watchman at a supermarket where he keeps a dispassionate eye on the shenanigans of his co-workers. Nor does he ogle any of the women. At first, he laughs when Julia(Leonor Svarcas), a new cleaning lady, knocks over a display of toilet paper but feels empathy for her after she is severely scolded by Rojas(Augusto Peloso), a manager, going so far as to run interference for her. With fluid camerawork that is in no hurry(especially the lovely final shot), "Gigante" takes what could have been a creepy or condescending premise and turns it around into something heartwarming. A lot of that has to do with the sweet demeanor of its lead character who acts as more of a guardian angel than anything else to Julia. While he moonlights as a bouncer, violence does not come easily to him.(Even as a pacifist, I have no problem with how he reacts to the driver.) So while Jara thinks the best of people, he also ignores the growing labor conflict at work, as sometimes he is enmeshed in fantasy, the movie also oddly enough having its share of cold war references like the bar being called Molotov and the occasional familiar guitar chords, the soundtrack to a world he would like to live in.

Akshay M (kr) wrote: One Women Show And What A Show It is. Suspense Till The End!!

Scott M (mx) wrote: Enjoyed this film as always on edge in sense fuck whats gonna happen next. Always good to have a wee psychotic movie every now and then.

Danjel H (jp) wrote: The Romanian New-Wave, eh? Laborious, pedantic futility can be bitingly funny. I laughed and thoroughly enjoyed the 4 or 5 stong almost black-comedy scenes, which built towers of humour out of perception, bureaucracy, language and disagreement. It truly does things that I have never seen on film before. However, the torture of the relentlessly mundane and redundant that filled the other 90 minutes resulted in epic boredom.

jane o (mx) wrote: nice little movie be interesting how many husbands would say no in that situation. ok watch

Rachel S (ru) wrote: yeah I would like to see this because of the sole purpose that Hilary and Haylie Duff do the voices of the main characters. They are awesome & cool actresses, so I would love to see this movie.

Lehi C (nl) wrote: i really like michael pitt. he's ok in the dreamers but amazing in rhino eyes. the movie gives off a little lynch vibe which i hated, but it was coherent enough to make a logical and affluent story. the stop-motion creatures were impressive and the soundtrack wasn't bad. it was pretty enjoyable and funny.

Rafael B (gb) wrote: Gostei dos atores do fillme, eles fizeram um roteiro ruim valer a pena.

Anthony P (jp) wrote: Saw this again last night. Its a coming of age cum gang film set in 60s glasgow. Plot seemed a bit confused at times and some of the characters' actions seemd a bit far fetched, but the 60s ambience was pretty good.

Asif K (gb) wrote: not interested in these monster movies

Scott S (nl) wrote: It's all about the roaches...

Danny R (br) wrote: Sidney Lumet's magnificent whodunit is a elegant and lavish production which is based upon Agatha Christie's best selling novel. An unrecognizable Albert Finney delivers a sensationally compelling performance that earned him a richly deserved Academy Award nomination for Best Actor, playing the brilliant and dapper Belgian detective Hercule Poirot who on board the famous Orient Express that is traveling from Istanbul to Calais and is now snowbound. During this period one of the passengers is mysteriously murdered, and Poirot agrees to investigate hoping to find the killer before the police reach the snowbound train. Soon it will turn out that everybody has something to hide including the victim himself. The late great Lumet's exceptional direction draws superlative performances from the large international cast which includes Lauren Becall, Sir Sean Connery, Martin Balsam, Vanessa Redgrave, Jacqueline Bisset, Richard Widmark, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Sir John Gielgud, Wendy Hiller, Anthony Perkins, Rachel Roberts, Michael York, and Ingrid Bergman in a standout Oscar winning performance as a dim-witted, bible quoting Swedish missionary. A visually stunning film thanks to the late Geoffrey Unsworth remarkable cinematography, and a majestic Oscar nominated musical score by the late Sir Richard Rodney Bennett, with beautiful Oscar nominated period costume design, and a flawless production design by Tony Walton. An Incomparable cinematic classic which is also an engrossing motion picture that was nominated for 6 Academy Awards nominations including Best Actor: Albert Finney. Highly Recommended.

Facebook U (br) wrote: Gorgeous and baffling in equal measure, this is a film that makes one feel like they are in a constant state of intellectual, artistic, and spiritual confusion.

Kate H (es) wrote: This probably suffered a bit for me because I knew the film's ending well before going in being as it's a classic and one that I've heard lots about. That being said the film is a classic for a reason and it is a very well done film. The realisation that Saskia is missing and then steps from logical searching to panicked wishing for fingerprints to be looked for on currency is some of the best acting and sequencing I've seen.

Mad M (fr) wrote: Diesel is exactly what we expect. There's plenty of action. Good guy's movie.

anuska w (kr) wrote: It's THE best concert movie EVER!!