La Poison

La Poison

Through a series of circumstances and plot twists an enterprising man manages to get away with murdering his wife, even though he cheerfully admits his guilt in court.

Paul Braconnier and his wife Blandine only have one thing in mind: to find a way to kill each other without risk. After listening to a radio show, Paul decided to go to Paris to meet a famous lawyer in the acquittal of the murderers. He told the lawyer that he killed his wife. The lawyer asked Paul to reconstruct the circumstances of the drama. Without knowing it, he explains, in spite of himself, the way for Paul to murder his wife by putting the odds on his side to avoid death penalty or even be released... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew B (it) wrote: John Carter and Tomorrowland made more money then this movie, that's a new low. Okay the reason why I reviewing this masterpiece of shit is because I got a upcoming review of I Saw the Devil which may come out tomorrow or the day after, and I want to save enough energy that I got to review it as it is one of the best movies of 2010. But here is something that's easy to tear a part.People are saying that this movie was Uwe Boll level, I mean look at the rating on IMDB it's got a 2.0/10 as I'm specking, but if you compare this movie to a Uwe Boll movie, United Passions is the best thing ever made. At least United Passions as a great looking and good costume design were Uwe Boll doesn't even try at all, I mean he's like the Hitler of cinema. But all that side United Passions isn't all that good. The movie has that cheap looking straight to DVD movie look to it which didn't help the movie sell itself to people. The movie isn't all that interesting, I think I looked around my room of boredom just by watching this movie trying to look around to see what's interesting.Overall United Passions could have been somewhat good, but it didn't and I'm going to forget this movie and the end of the year.

Ramses C (gb) wrote: Interesantisimo documental, iimprescindible para los amantes del cine clase-b, e independiente porque no,Excelente.

Bec E (ru) wrote: why is this movie just so bad? haha

Dan I (au) wrote: A decent cast and a welcome role for Bruce Willis which I sorely missed since his days as the baby in Look Who's Talking. There are some funny gags in here and I like the personalities of all the characters, but the story itself feels underwhelming, like an entire subplot was stripped from the pages of the script and now we're left with only the A plot. It's not terrible, but I don't go out of my way to revisit this movie.

Terry W (ru) wrote: well written thriller

Chris H (gb) wrote: It's very difficult to tell what is supposed to be serious and what is actually intentional comedy. Cheesier than a Quattro Stagioni!! Quite terrible.

Henry T (jp) wrote: I remember this movie being very intriguing and surprising when I watched it back as a teen. Now, though, I'd recommend skipping over the love scenes.

John K (au) wrote: I'm intrigued by the difference of opinion of pro reviewers vs audience. I can only surmise that the pros are conscious of the politically incorrect slant and this becomes an overweening concern. But who cares. The movie is funny, the timing of the two leads is exceptional. I love movies with no laugh track. Laugh tracks a la the boob tube are evil. "Hey laugh because everyone else is laughing!". In a movie, they fly without a net -- either they are funny or they bomb. Wilder and Pryor nail it.

Pasi Y (gb) wrote: Eplooginen ja typer juoni, toimintakohtaukset surkeita ja niit on liian vhn, Van Damme aivan sivuroolissa, ja yliptns leffa on pohjamutaluokan kasariksniksi liian vakavamielinen ja laahaava. Noh, takaa-ajokohtaus Datsunilla ja Ladalla on aika omaperinen omalla tavallaan.

Sid J (us) wrote: quite liked the movie...everyone's really nice...liked sohail khan for a change...salman khan...sunny deol and others are really good...!!!

Paul D (fr) wrote: The usual set of Carry On jokes, you either like it or you don't.

Patryk C (nl) wrote: A depressing, ambitious picture directed by Fritz Lang shows how quickly can a life spiral out of control, with utterly grievous consequences. A small-time crook named Eddie is out of prison and marries his long-time love. Unable to find work he is constantly miserable and thinks that he left his wife down. On one day, a bank robbery takes place and Eddie is the prime suspect. Sentenced to death, he realizes that there is no other way of escaping his fate than resolving to violence. In the most climatic moment of the film a parole grant arrives at the prison warden's office. However - given the circumstances and his attempt to run away - mentally unstable Eddie doesn't believe the story. He kills the prison chaplain and becomes the real killer-on-the-loose. Along with his beautiful and loving wife and their newborn baby, he decides to run away out of the country and find peace somewhere far away. You Only Live Once is a visually-striking depiction of one man's attempt at rescuing his own well-being from the disastrous effects of a faulty trail. Henry Fonda gives an incredibly convincing performance as the worn-out, antipathetic protagonist. Sylvia Sidney aspires to be a true Golden-Era star through her touching portrayal of an optimistic yet worried wife. With its sombre atmosphere and bitter feel of irrepressible hopelessness You Only Live Once marks Fritz Lang's rise to fame during his American period.

Jesse F (es) wrote: Moretz is a beautiful and talented young actress and she does fantastic as the title role but her appearance doesn't really fit her characters' description. Carrie White is suppose to be unattractive,overweight and socially awkward and Moretz is the exact opposite of all those things. That being said she and the rest of the cast are great and to me is probably the best remake to date.

Gordon W (it) wrote: This film was so much better than Chasing Amy. Can't see how Chasing Amy gets such a good score and Mallrats doesn't.

Anthony H (nl) wrote: Read all the comics and see all the cartoons. I grew up with Tintin, this film is a really good attempt by Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg, it portrays the characters pretty well and uses some of the best bits of many different comics. But yet I don't enjoy it as much as I thought I would, not too sure why... Maybe it's beause it's in English and so many names were changed (Snowy/Milou, Thompson and Thomson/ Dupont et Dupond etc...)However I'm sure that those who aren't that familiar with Tintin originally created by Herge should enjoy this thrilling adventure full of loveable characters and funny moments.