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La presencia


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Jodi V (fr) wrote: OH my God!!! such a waste of good talent, or I guess I should say what I thought would be good talent together! Uggggh so BAD on So many levels. predictable, not funny, over-done premise, such a waste of money!!!!!

Cristian E (au) wrote: amazing great movie hope they make a fouth one

Louise S (de) wrote: Some of the documentary was filmed at the medical clinic I work at.

Vincent B (fr) wrote: Intressant mais le cul coinc entre trop de chaises. JVDB, puissant, porte le film.

Silke B (nl) wrote: Bjarne (Nikolaj Lie Kaas) and Svend (Mads Mikkelsen) work in Sausage-Holger's (Ole Thestrup) butchershop. They both feel not appreciated enough by him and want to open their own butchershop. Svend has the money, and Bjarne decides to turn off the medical equipment, that keeps his comatose brother alive. The heritage would pay a lot of bills.Bjarne and Svend open their shop, but no costumer shows up. And also their private lives worsen. Svend's girlfriend breaks up with him, although he points out that "the barbeque-season starts, you just don't break up during the barbeque-season". And Bjarne's brother does not die, he awakes from his koma and wants to meet his brother.One night everything changes. The electrician works in the cold storage...and Svend closes the door by accident. When Sausage-Holger shows up the next day to buy meat for a big barbeque, Svend panics and marinades the electrician, before he sells him. His special offer becomes a great success and Bjarne and Svend have to find new meat to satisfy their hungry customers."Svend: I don't feel like seeing a lot of people right now.Bjarne: Then don't go into the cooler."

Peter G (jp) wrote: Not particulaly well written or acted but great fun. A group of teenagers are forced to spend the night in a house which they discover, the hard way, is full of malicious and gruesome booby traps. Some wonderfully gorey death scenes and even a few genuinly scarey moments. It was better than a lot of the other 'teen-slasher' flicks out at the time. Well worth a watch.

Logan M (de) wrote: Woody Allen makes a stellar musical comedy reminiscent of 1950s classics.

Marc G (de) wrote: Lots of funny moments.

Thomas F (ca) wrote: Terrible, chopped up movie made between 2 production crews with 2 different casts. The effects and pretty decent at times in the original directors scenes, the "new" footage is cheap and poorly made. Story makes no sense as the 2 sets of actors never interact. Of interest only for the lovers of bad movies (like myself) and due to it's chaotic battle between the original director and his financer.

Jacob F (ag) wrote: While there aren't any zombies in it this may well be Romero's Magnum opus. All his ideas and themes are here but presented, not horrifically, but as heroic, Utopian ideals. Where his Dead films are bleak social critiques and his films Martin and The Crazies are perhaps his most terminal lamentations about America, this is a staggering work of idealism. It is a generous film and that is its major flaw, running too long and being at times even sentimental with its ensemble cast. And Romero is a bit over indulgent at times with his characters. Though for the most part its a joy to watch, and there is way too much going on in this film to dismiss it as a failed labor of love . It works on so many levels: the death of 1970's idealism and the change from individualism to self-indulgence manifested in a subverted Arthurian legend with elements of Cervantes. Or consider its archetypal road film/ spiritual journey. This is Romero's most beautifully shot film, and while the film's last third loses steam it is gorgeous to look at. In its composition and desire to break free it even recalls classical Godard. If it weren't so long this would be one of the cult-classic films.

Adrian B (mx) wrote: Very observant study of young woman who begins a relationship, while her father is on his second marriage after her mother/his wife passed away years before. She enjoys her happiness of being with a vibrant companion; except for one thing...she does not want her father to be left alone. Her father even urges her to leave home as he is deeply involved in his new relationship, although he still secretly wishes his daughter stays home. The drama works really well as this is situation that is typical of many households. Children still feel attached to their parents, whether they are single or married or onto another relationship, and do not want to leave them alone when they leave. This film examines that subject well, even if it is a little too slow paced at times. Very well acted by all cast members and another nicely filmed and directed movie by Yosujiro Ozu.

Dorian C (de) wrote: Not a good movie....original was better