La région centrale

La région centrale

One of the best and most influential in avant-garde cinema, an experiment from Michael Snow for 24 hours, using the robotic arm Michael Snow program all robotic movements so as not to be ...

A 1971 experimental Canadian film directed by Michael Snow. Shot in the Canadian mountains over a period of 24 hours using a robotic arm. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Danny S (nl) wrote: another stupid horror movie.

Angie M (gb) wrote: "The mystery of the wood is not that it burns, but that it floats"Jakob's loving childhood is shattered on that fateful day when he watched the Nazis kill his parents and take away his sister. Stephen Dillane gives a touching portrayal of someone who cannot move on from those memories as well as the guilt of surviving what so many others had suffered, and finds it affecting his marriage with his more spirited wife (Rosamund Pike). As evidence of Jakob's obsession with his past, we are treated to flashbacks that show how he came to be found by an archaeologist who adopts him, the fear that a young Jakob cannot entirely leave behind, and his coming to and feeling isolated in Canada. The highlight of the movie is that it strings together these poignant scenes with Jakob's understated emotions -- from the sweet moments with his sister whose ghost haunts him, to the growing bond he shares with Athos (whose compassion and idealism shown very well by Rade Serbedzija), and his connection to his roots via their Jewish neighbors in Canada, to his finally finding love in the form of Michaela (played by a very luminous Ayelet Zurer, btw). Special kudos to Robbie Kay, who played the kid Jakob. Those are some of the most expressive pair of eyes I've seen in any actor.

Andrew S (it) wrote: Does Tomb Raider have little to nothing to do with the games it is based on? Yes. Does it have a nearly incomprehensible and silly plot? Absolutely. Is it over the top and stupid? Yep. But what it lacks in sense it makes up for with pure entertainment. Angelina Jolie's performance as Lara Croft is fantastic, and is pretty much the entire reason that the movie is fun to watch. If you need any other reason to watch this movie, Angelina Jolie skis out of a collapsing cave with broken pieces of wood pulled by dogs. In Russia. She also fights a killer robot with nothing but twin pistols, and shoots living statues in the face. Need I say more?

Sameer S (ag) wrote: I think indian RAce movie is Copy oF this movie i havnt seen the movie but reviewing triailers i judge it

Darren T (jp) wrote: i remember this being the toast of british movies at the time of its release - not sure why - maybe its dated but felt it limped along.

Blake P (au) wrote: Unless you're Oliver Queen or the brooding anti-hero star of a comic book serial, don't expect the idea of Taking the Law Into Your Own Hands to work out after months of trying. Cops can get awfully irritable, and messing with the heat isn't a game worth playing - especially when you've got Inspector Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) hot on your trail. He's got a .44 Magnum Revolver, and he isn't afraid to play a tricky game of Russian Roulette with you if you don't quit it. The villain of this "Dirty Harry" sequel is not a deranged sniper but a vigilante posing as a traffic cop. He doesn't figure himself to be crazy; he finds his actions to be methodical. His favorite hobby involves hunting down the thugs who escape jail time and offing them - since the law can't manage to lock them up (the first few minutes of the film witness outrage following the release of a murderer, based on a technicality), why not do the dirty work and rid the city of the vermin that corrupts it? The foe figures he's doing San Francisco a favor, but Harry can see through the bullshit - the guy's a madman looking for an excuse to justify his madness; who knows how long it'll be before he starts shooting jaywalkers? So he and his partner (Felton Perry) try to strip away all the false leads and find out what the real deal is, as their Lieutenant (Hal Holbrook) remains skeptical of Harry's unconventional ways. Some find the "Dirty Harry" movies to be too questionable in their ethics to really enjoy, but I find their thunderous grittiness to be gigantically entertaining. Clint Eastwood is the ultimate anti-hero, his perpetual machismo convincingly charged. He's a man bred to seek justice, too old and worn to consider the confines of the rules. Harry is ruthless, stoic, street smart - Eastwood is so mesmerizing in the role because he doesn't have to emote. His lined face and subtle emotional scars speak louder than the limited stretches of dialogue he has to deliver. "Magnum Force" is a such an excellent sequel because it builds on what made "Dirty Harry" made so great; we hardly need character development here, considering all we need to know is that Harry Callahan is a cop you don't want to mess with. The thrills are leaner and meaner, the screenplay without filler, the characterizations fiendishly simple - even the villain menaces more than the previous scoundrel, as his identity is kept secret until the unpredictable truth is let out. Things might not be as rugged as they were before - Ted Post, replacing Don Siegel, prefers an adventuresome tone in comparison to the first's sinister bloodlust - but "Magnum Force" is an appealing sequel that delivers the turbo-charged thrills one wants, one expects. But its quality - that's what makes it strong enough to work on its own.