La reina del Chantecler

La reina del Chantecler


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:112 minutes
  • Release:1962
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:La reina del Chantecler 1962 full movies, La reina del Chantecler torrents movie

Mientras en Europa se vive la Gran Guerra, muchos extranjeros vienen a Madrid. Todos ellos se dan cita en el teatro Chantecler, donde La Bella Charito es la atracción. Ella está enamorada de Federico, un vividor que disfruta de numerosos caprichos a costa de la fama de su novia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


La reina del Chantecler torrent reviews

Carolyn H (de) wrote: This movie was well acted, conducted. Expected to enjoy and I did, very much, history is a must to see, and sometimes difficult to watch.

Matt H (de) wrote: Nothing too special. A few laughs here and there

Peter W (ag) wrote: For the familiarity of the places, sense of humor, accents and the 'irishness'.

Kara M (it) wrote: so good. loved it. david is such a good actor! :)

Ben S (es) wrote: Mr. Wai shows his writing talent again. Even though the ending is a bit chaotic, it is still a very decent and enjoyable CNY Movie.

Jerry C (us) wrote: A rubbish ghost story.

Erika M (it) wrote: Mi pelcula chilena favorita. Lo tiene todo. Cada vez que veo una lata de leche condensada me acuerdo de ella.

Daniel C (it) wrote: Great performance by Willis but all the action and explosions are cover ups for the mediocre script.

Paula Z (ru) wrote: If you are interested in Latin American history and American neo-imperialist topics this is a good movie to watch. Based on the real life stories of the characters portrayed, a few of whom are still political activists in Brazil. Great flick.

sur s (ru) wrote: Everyone's smiling in the beginning. Redl is the Colonel of a real tragedy. Despite being a great Austrian nationalist, the odds of his heritage and homosexuality were against him and in the end there is only the scrap of a man who pushes others away as much as they push him away. But I was laughing at the Archduke's final scene!

Marko B (au) wrote: Ala-arvoisen heikko.

WS W (ru) wrote: ONJ & Gene Kelly on roller skates.

Mrs Trudy S (us) wrote: absolutely wonderful. Jane Powell is one of the greats and it was nice to see Ricardo do something besides "Fantasy Island"

Joshua L (au) wrote: Trippy and very weird but well acted and pretty funny.

Jack B (de) wrote: Edward G and Bogie, not to be missed.

Moya W (kr) wrote: Undertow was really well made by freezing scenes, repeating scenes and changing the colours of different scenes to make it a lot more different than other movies. It showed passion and feeling and the frustration of gouging your eyes out. The acting was superb and shocking. This movie will leave you with a big fat hole through your stomach, where all the happiness inside of you has clearly disappeared.