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Marischa B (au) wrote: For starters, this movie plays out exactly like a fist person shooter video game. The tropes, the dialog, and obviously the camera angle and movement. There's little doubt what this movie is supposed to be and, in all honesty, it does it rather well. The whole first person thing has been tried to a much more limited extent in some movies. House Of The Dead and Doom come to mind. But in these movies it was more for the movie's denouement...a final showdown. In Hotel Inferno it's done throughout and it's kind of enjoyable.This isn't without it's drawbacks. The camera is jumpy, the dialog is on-par with a video game, and it lacks a bit of continuity. You'll find a 10 minute action sequence ended just to have some exposition on what happened and what will happen next. Again, exactly as you would in a video game. It's like finishing a mission and waiting for a cut scene to tell you what you did and what to do next, except it's a movie. This gets a bit old even if you follow the premise.For a movie with this budget the special effects are actually quite well done. Gore fans will undoubtedly appreciate the over-the-top violence and gore and others will probably just laugh at the preposterousness of it all. Either way, the special effects team absolutely did the most with what they had.All in all it's a relatively enjoyable movie if you know what you're in for (and have a six pack of your preferred adult beverage available). It's something a little new but absolutely not without it's flaws. Is it perfect? No. Is it a bit of fun to watch with some friends? Absolutely.

Tiffany R (nl) wrote: There were a couple of scenes in this movie that I enjoyed but mostly it sucked. This was a waste of time and it seemed like it dragged on forever.

Grayson D (jp) wrote: A very very bad film indeed and sadly like many of Band's others, really not so bad it's good.

Jenn M (it) wrote: I actually liked this, I wasn't expecting much but the story was decent and understandable in a way (I know that sounds bad) and it was eerie that this was a true story.

Caitlin L (de) wrote: A lovely movie about finding yourself.

Timothy E (ag) wrote: A sense of humor makes this the best in the trilogy. This is a B dinosaur movie for the fun of a B dinosaur movie. Yet again, however, the red stuff flies. Not exactly for the kids. . . .

Clay B (fr) wrote: GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER (1995)

Grant W (es) wrote: What the Hughes brothers manage to do with their film is paint a deadly accurate and empathetic picture that does not follow cliches and stays true to its history and environment.Its message and amount of detail is more than enough to warrant repeated viewings. It is, to put it bluntly, an important film.It stands right on par with the equally masterful "Boyz N The Hood" as a film addressing this subject matter, but as a whole, it goes for a much darker direction.

Greg W (fr) wrote: It's hard to sum up Sweetie, which happens to be one of the movie's strengths.

chris t (us) wrote: "Pilot to crew: take a good look at Pearl Harbor. Maybe it's something you'll want to remember."

Tecia M (ru) wrote: Fantastic film! Just as good as the first but with alittle more humor I think. And who doesent like Mickey Rooney?!!

David F (ca) wrote: I had trouble staying awake during this film about Dylan Thomas on a reading tour. I almost went gentle into that good night.