La sangre de los inocentes

La sangre de los inocentes


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La sangre de los inocentes torrent reviews

David H (us) wrote: A intelligent and funny Tragic Comedy about a Professor of Eastern Philosophy in his 30's who still live with his Parents and want move out with the Time his Parents get more and more mad about it and try everything to get him out

Zander B (kr) wrote: It was okay. Nothing amazing in my opinion. The mental breakdowns did catch my attention and are the main reason why I'm giving this movie three stars. I love mental breakdowns in movies.

Erik W (kr) wrote: THE action film. A must see for anyone who has a good taste in trash cinema.

Debra B (ca) wrote: good movie for its time.

Damien C (mx) wrote: So simple but so well done. They don't make em like that these days.

Daniele C (ru) wrote: Keanu Reeves is the one. In any movie he stars in.

Hank B (br) wrote: Thank god it had Ryan Reynolds.

Dilson V (br) wrote: Ian Oglivy a ledge so this movie was good for me