La Santa

La Santa

A group of 4 thugs plan to steal the statue of Saint Victoria from a small village in southern Italy but they haven't considered the locals

In a small town in southern Italy, suspended in time and space, four strangers arrive for a desperate ransom from their sad lives. Dante, Gianni Agostino and Diego are four fools with the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


La Santa torrent reviews

Alpha M (de) wrote: Good movie better then the first loved Garth

Sandra L (mx) wrote: Me gust mucho, sobretodo la historia de la cantante con el jugador de baseball

Nasimul H (fr) wrote: Good try, good camera work.

Amee W (mx) wrote: this was on tv the other day so i decided to watch it and i thought it was really good!! the 2 dogs were cute!

RA L (nl) wrote: WEB. Ms una intencin que un resultado. No est mal, pero su estructura es demasiado repetitiva y su tono, montono. Tiene momentos inspirados, pero como un todo, se queda a mitad. / More an intention than a result. It's not bad, but its structure is too repetitive and its tone, monotonous. It has inspired moments, but as a whole, it falls short.

Chris B (es) wrote: Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa, was a movie to fit the original series, promising but ultimately lacking. Unlike Brotherhood, the original Fullmetal had a severely disappointing ending, one that did little to wrap up the series, let alone any of the character arcs. This movie attempts to change that, but ultimately ends up opening up new problems, and doesn't feel satisfying. It was great to just be in the world of FMA again, but when characters were only put on screen for fan service, none of it felt genuine. I hope that the follow up movie to Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood was more fleshed out, as that series was stronger overall, but ended on an especially high note. Only check this one out if you are a die hard fan of the original series. 3 out of 5 stars.

Adrian B (kr) wrote: Started off okay but at a rapid pace deteriorated

Jared E (it) wrote: Man is this weird. I feel like they were trying to make some odd soft core porn. Good ending though.

Andy P (ag) wrote: Nicolas Roeg's classic adventure drama is sublime and mysterious; open to many interpretations and encourages serious after-thought. The contrast between urban civilization and and the natural world is explored beautifully in powerful imagery of almost hallucinogenic intensity, particularly memorable is the striking scene in which Gulpilil's spearing and bludgeoning of animals inter-cut with shots of the stunning Jenny Agutter swimming naked. An under-appreciated masterpiece.

Adrienne L (gb) wrote: Even Minnie Driver's over-the-top performance can't save this boring rom-com. Colin Firth and Heather Graham have zero chemistry.