La scoperta dell'alba

La scoperta dell'alba


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Jamie C (de) wrote: After the first was garbage but fun, This one loses its newness and was exactly the same just set in New York, It seemed to focus more on how many minor celebrities can make cameos than anything and even most of them struggled to act as themselves not to mention the rest of the cast were pretty awful too, The effects were a tiny bit better but still bad, I found myself looking at how long the film had left that anything.

Kirsten N (es) wrote: This film must have been very low budget as far as special FX and Nigel the Elf's acting are concerned but still an enjoyable film with a nice storyline.

Stuart T (ag) wrote: this movie as made fairies really real for the children of the world, it's too unreal to Blevin magical creaters.

Carlos Z (de) wrote: to the series' fans, keep the good memories by avoiding the film

Asif K (fr) wrote: just stare at the Poster for a few seconds .........

John R (us) wrote: WoW! It's hard to trust how baggage handling is handled at some airports. It comes to show that is could happen to anyone and there's nothing that some governments can do about foreign policy and laws.

Dani K (fr) wrote: Can't say enough good things about this movie. Incredibly funny - tons of memorable quotes/moments, great actors, and a very touching storyline all at the same time! Must-see!

Alexander C (ca) wrote: Would like to see at some stage.

Chrisanne S (fr) wrote: Nice fantasy tale with some good acting. Not as light-hearted as it seems at the beginning though. Darnell is especially fun as the "fortune-teller."

Ashley H (nl) wrote: Flaming Star is one of Elvis Presley's best films. Don Segal did a good job directing this film. This film has a gripping and tragic storyline. It also looks and feels authentic in dealing with an important chapter in American history. The film is packed with emotional movements, action, and a good cast.

James L (nl) wrote: Like watching ice melt; this film takes a long time to reach its end...but the acting in the final scene really drives home the message. 2 1/2 stars

Alec W (jp) wrote: I like the two '!!'s. This movie is the anti-Bechdel test but, I swear it's fun.