La seconda notte di nozze

La seconda notte di nozze


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Sean K (gb) wrote: the animation was decent but i was expecting this from a independent film. acting was mediocre at best.

Ippei K (us) wrote: Really enjoyed this. Very interesting and fairly emotional. You are left in awe of the amazing feats that the guys in this doco are able to accomplish and really makes you appreciate what you have. It's also a very good sports doco as whole. Has the right amounts of footage and interviews to keep you interested through out.

Jocey D (nl) wrote: Amusing and typical.

Jesse O (fr) wrote: I don't have a lot to say about this movie. It's not one of Almodovar's best, but it's still a pretty damn good movie with some excellent acting. But it's probably not a movie that I'd ever watch again. It's really good, but there's nothing special about it.

Pedrito F (br) wrote: Interesting movie about Beethoven's life with a solid performance delivered by Mr. Oldman. It is not Amadeus but it digs deep enough into the character's psiche. Music is sublime.

Matthew L (au) wrote: A middling effort from Hammer, that only features one vampire and is only seen in the last ten minutes of the film. Kronos spends most of his time killing the local villagers and bedding future 'Bond Girl' Caroline Munro. This could have been so much more than it is, however it's still infinitely better than Van Helsing.

Art S (jp) wrote: Marlon Brando's only directorial effort is a long-ish Western that holds up pretty well. Brando mumbles his way through it as Rio, a bank robber, who is betrayed by partner Dad Longsworth (Karl Malden) right at the start of the picture. After five years in a Mexican jail, Rio makes his way up to Monterrey with a couple of dodgy outlaws to have a show-down with Longsworth, who is now the sheriff there. He falls in love with Longsworth's stepdaughter. Apparently in Brando's original five hour cut, things ended rather badly but a conventional Hollywood ending was forced upon him. Slim Pickens is here in support. One review I read wondered whether there was a competition among actors to see who could deliver the thickest drawl. Brando's is reminiscent of Elvis but you can't deny Pickens. The Monterrey vistas are very pretty as backdrop. Again, the whole thing does hang together, pretty well, charting some classical Western themes in a leisurely laid back way.