La segunda noche

La segunda noche

Girls just want to have fun; but often they must do some growing up first...and fast! Four teenage friends explore the grey area between sexual attraction and responsible behavior and just ...

Girls just want to have fun; but often they must do some growing up first...and fast! Four teenage friends explore the grey area between sexual attraction and responsible behavior and just ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Grace C (ca) wrote: Not as good as The Women.

Liy D (mx) wrote: Lots of family drama and nothing else really

Austin F (gb) wrote: 77% You'll forget most of it after you watch it, but it's always a fun to watch, as cinema's most adored pirate comes to life with yet another Johnny Depp knockout performance.

Robert D (ru) wrote: had some funny moments, but overall it was just.... lame

James B (es) wrote: My main hang up on this film is that despite all the supposed twists and turns what they say is going to happen near the start pretty well ends up happening. Interesting plot but not enough to really grip me, personally I won't be rushing to tell my mates to go see this one!

Robert B (ag) wrote: Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers (Michael A. Simpson, 1988) I realized roughly five minutes into Unhappy Campers that I'd seen it before, but when I went through the spreadsheet and the reviews, I can't see where I ever actually wrote anything about it. Thus, I soldiered on into a second trip through a movie so depressingly bad that by the end of it, I almost appreciated the first one. It's five years after the events in the first film. Angela, who has now changed her name to Angela Johnson, has undergone years of therapy, plus the odd surgery here and there, and has emerged fully transformed. Or so the doctors, think, anyway, and they've sent her off into the world with a raft of recommendations. So she gets a job... as a camp counselor. (Felissa Rose, by the by, was off attending college when this film was made, so casing director Shay Griffin grabbed Pamela Springsteen, whose fifteen minutes of fame were in Fast Times at Ridgemont High six years previous. And yes, she's Bruce's little sister.) We learn in the first scene that Angela, of course, is not transformed at all; when she finds a camper who's not her definition of a good kid, well, off with their head. (Or tongue. Or whatever.) After which she reports back to Uncle John (The African Queen's Walter Botell, the first of a few "how far the mighty have fallen" names who crop up in the second and third films in the franchise), the camp's owner/manager/something, that she has sent the camper home. Which leads to a lot of running "I hate it here, I wish Angela would send me home!" jokes. Yes, unlike the first film-which played the horror angle straight-Unhappy Campers is meant as a comedy, and normally that would make it marginally bearable. But the acting isn't that much better here than it was in the first film, especially given some of the names surrounding it (Molly, a camper who befriends Angela early in the film, is played by Renee Estevez, Martin Sheen's daughter; the head counselor is played by Eight Is Enough veteran Brian Patrick Clarke, etc.), and the entire premise of the film rests on an absurdity one of the characters mentions in passing about not being able to remember the name of the psycho killer who cut a swath through all those campers five years ago. As if anyone ever forgets the name of an iconic serial killer. There are a couple of gruesomely amusing deaths, but it's still bad, bad, bad, and I say that as a diehard lover of B horror flicks. *

Nishlank J (ag) wrote: Imagine W Allen as desperate and broke and trying to steal/rob!. are already laughing.

Joel A (ca) wrote: The very dated adventure/romance set in the Greek Islands. It isn't a bad film but other than some stunning backgrounds & locations this film truly does fall short.Casting for this film was peculiar but the story gets lost a little mid way and it has many pointless scenes pushing a love story between Loren & Ladd despite having little chemistry together.There where so nice scenes here and there but I wish there was more story on the boy on dolphin itself, not a bad film just nothing special.

Jay K R (jp) wrote: Fine performances lead a very engaging story. It could've run 3 hours and I'd be happy to keep watching.