La sin ventura

La sin ventura


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:1948
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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La sin ventura torrent reviews

Bloody P (au) wrote: very insightful, I've watched it maybe 20x

Amanda H (mx) wrote: Slow and monotonous. However, it managed to keep my attention. It was interesting to see how the relationship between Cole and Ali developed. The ending was not ideal, but satisfactory.

Jordi T (br) wrote: Interesantisima historia sobre la repercusion del estreno de La vida de Brian, irreverente pero genial pelicula de los Irrepetibles Monthy Phyton donde los haya. Buenas interpretaciones y un parecido increible de los actores con sus personajes originales. Recomendable si se conoce el humor Monthy python, otros abstenerse...

(ru) wrote: Yet another off-beat theme. Jo never cease to amaze me with the acting-dexterity.

Norberto F (br) wrote: a little over the top at the end, but overall a tense and weird film.

Dr F P (br) wrote: Incredibly bad. I'm not sure how anyone can really adapt On The Road into a movie without it lacking in some way. I really did not like the portrayal of the characters, again i'm trying to say to myself "don't compare it to the book" but i can't help myself. Whoever thought Sam Riley was any good as Jack Kerouac? Sometimes there are faces that just call to be at the end of a fist. The book is such an all over the place mess (that i very much enjoyed) that any movie would feel exactly the same, which is not interesting to watch nor does it have the same value and experience one gets when reading. thanks.

Peter B (it) wrote: Cheesy and lame even by 70's standards.

Grayson W (mx) wrote: A very good Canadian slasher. I love the small mining town and the gritty textures of the mine itself. Make sure you watch the uncut version because almost all the action is cut out otherwise.

li b (gb) wrote: Excellent acting from the supremely sympathetic Maggie Smith, even as she portrays a rather unsympathetic individual. I liked the surreal/ magical realism elements too.