La soga

La soga

A cop works against his country's corrupt government in order to find justice on a case.

A cop works against his country's corrupt government in order to find justice on a case. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gregory M (au) wrote: Why did i watch this?

Cameron S (gb) wrote: An interesting idea executed in an un-interesting way, 'Holy Rollers' had my attention, but due to a lack of interesting characters and some serious pacing issues failed to hit the mark.

ed m (fr) wrote: a load of political correctness baloney....supported in part by canadian Taxpayers. trash no doubt.

Francisco R (us) wrote: Very diferent from the trailer, only saw it because Paul Giamatti and Kristen Wiig were in it, not realy recommendet. 3.2/10.

Alex r (us) wrote: Centurion is an average movie with good performances and it's a film that could have been much better considering its subject. I found the film to focus more on visual style than story, and it's a great shame because this film really could have stood out. I liked the film, but I expected a bit more as well as I have a great interest in the Romans. If you're like me, don't expect this one to be an accurate portrait of the Romans, because it's far from it, it'[s an action film first and foremost and it takes liberties to make this enjoyable for the viewer. The film had some good ideas as far as the story is concerned, but it kind of feels rushed a bit too. Centurion should have been better and though I found it entertaining, I really felt something was missing to make this a truly memorable film. The film is worth seeing due to well constructed action, which the film has plenty of, and the performance of Michael Fassbender. However, the plot just seems unfocused at times, and it loses steam halfway through the film, and that's where the action really makes you forget that the film average. The film is no Gladiator, and it should be seen as mindless popcorn action, which is what in the end this film is about. Centurion isn't awful, or mediocre, but it should have been better too. Fans of historical epics, might be disappointed in this film, but for action fans, there's still plenty to enjoy if you can forget the lacking story and average ton e of the film. Centurion is, despite its imperfections good entertainment that is average considering the potential the film possessed.

Moni K (de) wrote: That's honestly one of the most important and great movie I've seen in my life. People should learn from this story. Headay, Marsden, Reedus worked so well together. Also a really good acting of Kate Hudson and supporting of Joshua Jackson.

Dewey F (de) wrote: Barbie: I'd love to show you the boat. John Holmes: Is this your boat? Barbie: No. GREAT MOVIE!!!!

Marcos S (ca) wrote: Um dos grandes representantes da New Wave Britnica, o filme conta com uma direo corajosa de Anderson e um trabalho simplesmente impecvel de Harris. Clssico obrigatrio!

Nia E (ca) wrote: Not as good as I was hoping it would be, really, but still fairly entertaining. The acting is especially crap, which shouldn't be all that surprising, but I think this adds to the fun of it. The score is nicely done, and probably better than it needs to be.

Joe L (us) wrote: A silly movie that works anyway because Clint is great.

Christopher B (jp) wrote: While not great cinema, this is a must see for fans of horror or Blaxploitation. Marshall is a much better actor than most - and a young Bernie Hamilton too!