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La soledad


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Dave R (gb) wrote: Ya this was not a really good zombie movie I have seen worse but it still really bad one

Anthony T (au) wrote: There was something about this that interested me, even though the film was garbage. For the first 45 minutes it managed to keep me interested... Then it went down hill.Not worth watching.

CW R (fr) wrote: I thought this movie had potential but it turned out to just be a zombie movie with little plot. Kind of mindless. Once the children were discovered in the basement it was just a zombie shooting movie. Disappointing.

xGary X (ca) wrote: A refugee camp comes under siege from the Japanese army during the fall of Nanjing during the Second World War. Beautifully shot in black and white and telling the harrowing story of the mass murder and horrific mistreatment of the population of the Chinese capital, City Of Life And Death can be seen as China's equivalent to Schindler's List but I'd have to say that Spielberg's classic at least had a tale of heroism at its centre. The horrifying events depicted here have more in common with the likes of Downfall; the environment of Nanjing is so hellish, the closest we come to a "good guy" is a Nazi! Based on true events, I'm not sure how much of it is completely accurate as even this hardened cynic found it hard to believe that only a single Japanese soldier acted with conscience or compassion, but Hideo Nakaizumi's performance as the aforementioned protagonist, sickened and traumatised by the actions of his compatriots works well as a way to avoid demonizing the Japanese and as an objective standpoint through which to view the events as they unfold. One of those films that's powerful rather than enjoyable, City Of Life And Death is another in the line of beautifully crafted testaments to man's seemingly infinite capacity for inhumanity.

Corpse M (gb) wrote: not bad hood flick about b&e's

Bruce B (jp) wrote: i laughed all the way through. you'd think it would die quickly on the lame premise, but no way. great cameos and musical #'s. played white trash and trailor parks hilariously. since it's the one stereotype you can make fun of without being charged with a hate crime i guess you go with it. imagine making fun of poor blacks the way whites are in this and you'd have a riot on your hands, but i digress. very funny and definately worth a view

Andrew G (us) wrote: Harvard Man at the end of the day is a bad film. It isn't well editted, and fails to keep the viewer entertained. The film is moreover a mess, and is an absolute joke of itself.

Michael H (gb) wrote: Works well on two levels - as a straight up urban horror, and as a commentary on an inherent racist society

Kandis A (gb) wrote: One of my favorite movies as a child!!!!

James H (kr) wrote: Decent story, rather dated. The acting is generally poor, while Cameron Mitchell is good, but Faith Clint is so bad it huts the entire film. Fairy origional at least.

Michael G (ag) wrote: I actually thought the movie was good. It shows a good perspective of what a new teacher can face in an inner city school, or anywhere that is. If you liked this movie, may I also suggest To Sir With Love.

Damjan R (gb) wrote: Predictable, undeveloped, naive & mostly just flat out boring, this thoroughly uneventful film is bogged down by a story that feels dated and stiff, when it could have explored its themes more interestingly. The acting makes it watchable but only barely.

Nicholas G (es) wrote: This movie is about a mother who loses her daughter while on a jet. Jodie Foster is one of the best actresses of all time, because she makes this movie a solid movie to watch. While the acting and the tension in this movie are good, the plot isn't that well constructed. This movie however is still worth watching due to Foster's incredible performance.

Bill B (jp) wrote: Fans of bad film, your attention please!Bizarre 'everything and the kitchen sink' approach has martial arts, zombies (sorta), lotsa boobs and blood all shoehorned into a silly movie about cannibal monks on a remote island.Such a wacky film, but still manages a lot of fun and plenty of things to poke fun at over a few beers with friendsWorth a look if you know what you're in for.

Amber T (jp) wrote: Loved it! It was full of questions of who did it and why. Christian Slater shines as the sexy priest that you love to care about. Good fill and you will be guessing till the end