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Alexis W (ca) wrote: best jason stathim movie of all time

Cameron M (kr) wrote: Sat down to watch this with the missus (begrudgingly). Got about 20 minutes in and the dvd start freezing. Another disaster avoided!!!

Caitlin L (gb) wrote: Classic pairing. It had some really funny moments at times.

Viginti T (gb) wrote: If Anatomy is Gray channelling his inner Allen, as described in this wonderful quote, "I would say that my major problem with Hollywood is this -- I sometimes paraphrase Bob Dylan -- Bob Dylan says 'I may look like Robert Frost, but I feel just like Jesse James.' I say 'I may look like a gynaecologist, an American ambassador's aide, or a lawyer, but I feel like Woody Allen.' ... My insides are not what my outsides are. I'm not who I appear to be. I appear to be a Wasp Brahmin, but I'm really a sort of neurotic, perverse New York Jew.", then Swimming To Cambodia is him channelling his inner Stone. It still plays out in much the same way however, Gray sits behind an unassuming desk with his Ronald McDonald notebook, that i didn't see him glance at once, and uses his words not the camera to paint the visuals and bring both the characters and locations to life. The difference however lies in the fact that here the story he tells is not just of a 'Macula pucker', some inane infliction, but of grand scale politics; of loss, betrayal, and genocide. A change which brings with it an added power to the images he conjures. It's not all downer however, the story of Cambodia's reality is regularly intercut with it's fiction in the form of Spaulding's behind the scenes antics in Thailand while filming a minor role in The Killing Fields. These antics are usually just as hilarious as any straight out comedy but remain just as entrancing, just as immaculately intimate, as the rest of his monolouge. While the piece is lacking the style Soderbergh brought to the table in Anatomy it makes up for it in atmosphere. Having the performance take place this time as a cohesive whole in front of a live audience lends the piece a heightened intensity and emotion and also makes transmuting the screen much easier as there is little to miss out on visually. This is another stunning performance by Gray and a wonder of storytelling, breaking film down to only this its most basic element and allowing it to spill over and fill in for the rest.

Petter W (ca) wrote: schysst Leigh-rulle med engelska skdiseliten.lite risigt ljud s ett tips r att ha p engelska HOH.

Orlok W (ca) wrote: Gritty, Bleeding-heart prison drama!!

Tor M (de) wrote: Gave this a go since Skolimoski, the director, has given me nice surprizes like "Deep End" and "Essential Killings" earlier.This looked good and a nice mystery thriller is always welcome. Well, it starts of nicely. I observe, I feel into it. The strangeness is a plus and it looks quite natural. Sadly it never shock or entertain and I fall out of quite fast.The plot is original but the way it's presented is not too good. I like the leads, they are all doing great. The guy that makes sound recordings of loads of cool stuff is also a nice touch. Many well known actors, that's pretty cool - since this film remains quite unknown. The lead is doing an excellent figure as an "overtaker" but I'm still not pleased. Even with a smart ending and some nice, crazy details it will remain a dissapointment for me.4 out of 10 rock-crushing shoes.

Bill T (us) wrote: Just a wee bit strange and uncomfortable and well, exploitive tale which features a 12 year old Brooke Shields as a daughter of a prostitute going into that direction as well. She has a mind of her own though of what she wants to do, but she's only 12, and she's not making the right decisions. Mind you, the adults around her aren't making the best decisions for her either. Interesting story for sure. It's just a little bit eerie seeing Brooke Shields in all her glory playing a prostitute though. Susan Sarandon is great though, but Keith Carradine wasn't really hitting home with me, and his scenes with Brooke arent that believable, maybe it's not all Carradine's fault though..

Tony P (de) wrote: My first foray into the shortlived 'Blaxploitation' genre of films that saw numerous releases featuring African Americans from 1970 - 75.Foxy Brown is one of the best examples of the genre reaching cult status amongst such filmmakers as Quentin Tarantino who copied elements of it in his own film Jackie Brown years later.The film stars Pam Grier as Foxy Brown who looks like the modern day footballer Marounne Fallaini with her Jackson 5 style hairstyle and garish seventies fashion sense.Brown is a streetwise yet attractive character who exerts revenge on a gang of drug dealers who shoot her boyfriend.The film was originally intended as a sequel to the successful Blaxploitation film Coffy but at the studio request was made a standalone film at the last minute.I found this film immensely entertaining and am surprised I had never seen or heard of it before. Recommended.

Kat T (ru) wrote: Another of my favorites!!Have this one too!!

Jenny W (de) wrote: Though the performances-- particularly from Elizabeth Taylor-- create a tunnel vision in which it is impossible to look away from the screen, there is much to desired with this film as a whole. Tennessee Williams' insanity conveys a mixed message about homosexuality in society that is too disturbing and absurd to take seriously. The acting is the this piece's saving grace. Yet, at the same time, that is really all that is going for it.

Micah W (ca) wrote: LOVED IT!!!! It was absolutely adorable!

(de) wrote: It seems that the movie is very different form Noel Coward's play, but there's still enough theatrical wit left to make the script shine. So, was the final agreement identical to the first, or were there amendments?

Ryan S (es) wrote: A throwback to classic cars, stunt scenes, chases and suspense horror. The villian, a guy who could be your neighbor, is well portrayed by Russell. It's long, with sometimes what feels like dull fillers, but it's Tarantino so it is expected. Worth a watch and feel free to miss a moment here or there until the White Dodge Challenger shows up.

Matthew S (de) wrote: If it were at all any good Wes Anderson would need to sue for cinematic plagiarism. But, it is not good. And despite three great actors --- it is just bad.

Jerry R (ru) wrote: Turistas opens with a scene that is effectively chilling, but none-the-less completely destroys any mystery or suspense that the rest of the film might have been able to generate. A woman lies in a room strapped to a table, whimpering and begging for her life. In a few short edits we understand why she is there and what her captors are doing to her. Having that knowledge, the mystery of the film has been spelled out for us. We know what is stirring around the film's central characters at every single moment for the rest of the story. This would be the equivalent of Hitchcock telling us everything about Norman Bates in a pre-credit sequence.The suspense that the film would have generated without the scene is really quite good. Six tourists: Three Americans, two Brits and an Australian woman are on vacation in Brazil, on their way to the northeastern beaches. They decide not to fly but instead take a bus. The bus' driver begins driving erratically and finally drives the bus over a cliff. Luckily, everyone is able to first bail out through the windows. With no transportation, the kids head off down the road and find a nice beach with a bar serving drinks. They do a little partying with the natives, drinking and dancing, until they notice that they are getting . . . a little woozy.They wake up the next morning to find that they've been robbed, but also that something else is up. Hopelessly lost, they wander around the island trying to find help. But their partying the night before leads them in the direction of some local individuals who are in a business that is hazardous to the health of our heroes. More I can't say, except that watching the rest of the film, I was stunned at how good the suspense was and disappointed that I already knew the film's secret. When the kids find and empty house and open the cabinets and doors, we already know what everything means and what the owner of that house is up to.One element that does maintain its suspense is the presence of a native named Kiko (Agles Steib), who has a sweet-face and a shy manner that endears him to these tourists. He seems like the nicest guy in the world, but for a long time we aren't sure if we can trust him. When he takes the kids swimming in some underwater caves, there's a nervous gleam in his eyes that makes us wonder if he's helping his new friends or leading them into a trap.Once the kids are aware of what is going on (too late for at least one of them) there is some semblance of morality to the villain, a doctor who is doing a noble thing but going about it in exactly the wrong way. Given some rewrites on the script, Turistas might have been in league with films like Return to Paradise or Extreme Measures, films that build suspense on the backs of real-life issues. As it plays out, this is just one more piece of gore porn, with chases and shoot-outs and pretty bodies. The closing scene is one of that standard chase-around-the-island scenes that we've seen a million times before, and seems to go on and on until whatever suspense was building has long since drained out.Turistas was directed by John Stockwell, a former teen actor whom you might have seen in the 80s in films like Christine and My Science Project. As a director he specializes in making films about beautiful young people in pretty locations. He directed Crazy/Beautiful, Blue Crush and Into the Blue. He makes good films, but he has yet to make a great one. With Turistas, I just wish he would have rethought his screenplay. As it stands, it is thin, familiar and reveals its hand way too soon.