La Terra Trema

La Terra Trema

In rural Sicily, the fishermen live at the mercy of the greedy wholesalers. One family risks everything to buy their own boat and operate independently.

In rural Sicily, the fishermen live at the mercy of the greedy wholesalers. One family risks everything to buy their own boat and operate independently. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stuart K (es) wrote: After the release of This Is England (2006), director Shane Meadows and writer Paul Fraser were asked to do a short film for Eurostar, (yes the train company). The short film ballooned into a feature length film, shot in black and white, it paints a realistic but light-hearted look at life in the centre of London. It has Nottingham teenager Tomo (Thomas Turgoose) who has run away to London, but he has no money and nowhere to stay, but he runs into Polish teenager Marek (Piotr Jagiello), whose father Mariusz (Ireneusz Czop) is working on the construction of the new Eurostar terminal at St Pancras Station, they live in the Somers Town district south of Camden Town. Tomo and Marek strike up a friendship, and hang around together. Marek even lets Tomo sleep in his bedroom, as Tomo has nowhere to sleep. Marek has a hobby with photography, and mainly photographs French waitress Maria (Elisa Lasowski), who Marek is in love with, but cannot tell her, but with Tomo's help, she falls for both boys. It's a very sweet film, it has a roughness around it's edges, but doesn't fall into the trap of being overly grim and gloomy, here there is hope, and it shows it's surroundings in a good light. It's a good contrast to the bleakness of This Is England.

Adrian Z (br) wrote: 3 - Director Hideo Nakata (of Ringu fame) pays homage to classic Japanese horror in the vein of Yokaido no Kaida, Kwaidan, etc. This film is a clear departure from the style established in Ringu, although a few of the scenes do bring it to mind (i.e. flies coming out a baby's mouth). A young man living in the Edo period is cursed due to neglecting an older woman whom he partners with. The curse follows him, killing all the women in his life. Interesting premise in a great period setting, but very steadily paced, so much so the film begins to lose steam towards it's second half, before making partial ammends at the end. Kikunosuke Onoe's performance seems flat. A more expressive leading actor could have helped this a bit more. Still, well worth a look.

Buggy B (nl) wrote: I can't handle most horror movies luckily this one was just unscary enough that I was able to make it through. Rene Zellweger plays a social worker here who after taking on "case 39" finds herself personally involved in the case, going so far as to take the abused 10 year girl into her home after her parents try to harm her. Of course the girl is not what she seems. This wasn't a perfect movie but I did enjoy it, I was freaked out at times, uncomfortable (when someone gets shoved in an oven) and I enjoyed Zellweger who pretty much carries it. Bradley Cooper was a surprise here, he has a small role and a very good scene involving some wasps, holly cow. There were some plot gaps especially at the end involving the trunk of a car but I was still left satisfied.10/26/14 Vancouver as Oregon

Yash B (ru) wrote: It's really not sure of what genre it is but its a good "one time watch".

Pascal L (br) wrote: Bonne adaptation du livre, mais Huard est merdique

Casey M (jp) wrote: It was awesome. The kids were great in the film!!!!

Bals G (es) wrote: nem tudom mit ltnak ebben az embeerek. biztos bennem van a hiba.

Thomas B (us) wrote: When Quentin Tarantino makes a film, he repackages all the great things he loves from other people's art. This recipe often produces something brilliant. One gets the feeling Tsui Hark has the same approach, with comic moments reminiscent of early US slapstick, elements of the best British historical dramas, and an operatic backdrop that is uniquely Chinese.

Bill M (br) wrote: Personally my least favorite of Roger Moore's brilliantly campy and gloriously ludicrous run as Bond, but still great fun. Live and let die is first and foremost possibly the weirdest film in the 007 pantheon, delving into voodoo and hints of black magic and featuring scenes that dont feel like a bond flick at all (like the sacrificial graveyard ritual) it also feels like it's heavily riffing on the whole blacksplotitation gener boom of the seventies, albeit in a cringy ass way, it's like Superfly crossed with james bond, making for a dodgy, cliched look at black culture. It also has the distinction of having the worst female characters in the series, they are all either morons or useless (even a female secret agent at one point doesnt remember to take the safety off her gun) theres a real, rampant, annoying misogyny here that's heavy even for these films. But the plot is nuts (heroin, black magic, creepy animatronic scarecrows and... im not sure) the stunts and action are awesome (the speedboat chase is especially well orchestrated) and it has one of the great henchmen villains, the hilariously named Tee Hee.

Katie L (gb) wrote: Katharine Hepburn was a delight to watch in this film. They don't make romances like this anymore.

Silvestre S (gb) wrote: Being a decent remake it doesn't neccesary add anything new from Brian De Palma's classic but it does have a great reimagining of the original and has actors that get really into their charcter and Chlo Grace Moretz's beautiful performance causes to balance the film with enough of the information and foreshadowing to causes a lot of emotion for the climax and falling action.

Craig L (de) wrote: This came across as slightly odd, but still exploited the religious and sexual tension.

Andy F (au) wrote: The influence of Paranormal Activity looms large in this film. But that's no bad thing particularly and found footage films still give that additional feel of realism. Devil's Due has a great atmosphere and creeps up notch by notch.

Niklas S (es) wrote: I actually liked this... Straight to DVD action is getting better by the year. Viva Romania!