La tonta del bote

La tonta del bote

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Roland K (it) wrote: "Case d (C)part" est ma passade cin (C)matographique estivale (mme l'ouvreuse ne s'y est pas tromp (C)e en me voyant arriver au guichet !), une pantalonnade assez lourdaude mais parfois sympathique, mme si elle ne s' (C)lve gure au-dessus du niveau d'une s (C)rie de sketchs.

David G (jp) wrote: well I seen it today its ok the first part is boring then it gets better surprising it is a b movie for sure

Alex O (jp) wrote: didnt like it that much

Aaron G (nl) wrote: Can anyone tell me how old Tintin is supposed to be in this movie? He wavered between being a boy, a teen, and a young man in his early 20s. I only give my most basic gripe because my real problems with this movie would take a boringly-long amount of time to get through... just like this movie.

Mike S (it) wrote: I love the Lips, but this is terrible. Sooooooooo slow and ponderous, with a surprising lack of levity. The profane captain is worth a few laughs, but that's about it.

Sara C (ag) wrote: Not bad but not good

Jordan P (nl) wrote: Movie is pretty good!!!! Better then I thought!!! Def watch if into action films!!!

Sloan C (kr) wrote: Best dating/relationship movie ever!!