La traviata

La traviata

Verdi's opera filmed as a film.

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La traviata torrent reviews

Nathan B (jp) wrote: This movie is kinda like the Super Mario Bros. 2 of documentaries it's good but is ultimately lacking because there are so many more examples of better quality work in that medium. If you love video games you will probably enjoy it because it is essentially one long love letter to video games. If you don't love video games there is essentially nothing for you, although in retrospect the movie is titled Video Games: The Movie.

Tim H (au) wrote: Little old lady is really a demon...I knew it!

Eric B (ag) wrote: It had potential but just did not perform to what it was capable of

Casey N (us) wrote: Great Movie ! Lotsa Action, Good Thriller !

BRUNO V (es) wrote: Not the greatest movie i've seen , not a great FORD fan , liked Dafoe ...indeed maybe to much to easely follow this one ....and , to long !SOMDVD

Rory Fyfe S (de) wrote: Loved this movie. Wonderful British film.

Diana D (us) wrote: Honestly, if it was any other actor playing Vince, I would've turned this off. The songs are great, but the movie is just too fast paced. It was definitely entertaining though!

Steven B (fr) wrote: World class Cary Grant and world class Joseph M. Mankiewicz