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La vela incantata


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Buggy B (kr) wrote: Huge ensemble cast in an okay heist movie that just tries too hard. It did have its moments, like the very "Heat"-ish showdown at the end with tons of bullets and feathers a flyin in slow-motion as they shoot up the Hotel Roosevelt with sad classical music playing. I felt like I'd seen this movie about a hundred times before though (The Town, Italian Job, Oceans, Armoured, Heat) so nothing felt original and it was predictable.There were many sub stories going on amidst all the cops-chasing robbers which included some good acting (Idris Elba and his junkie sister) and some bad (Chris Brown & Matt Dillon) Its always that one, last heist that gets ya. 08.13"A Los Angeles detective (played by a too cool Matt Dillon) attempts to foil a multimillion dollar bank heist being planned by a group of criminal experts who are hoping this will be their last job."

Charles P (es) wrote: How well paid are janitors in Japan? This guy goes from being 'head of administration' or whatever at some corporation and his next job is cleaning poop. Doesn't seem to affect much at home, he's mad at his son for taking piano lessons when he told him not to, not that they can't afford them or anything. Conclusion: janitors make as much as middle management in Japan. Cool.

Stephanie A (br) wrote: If you have read the novel as I have, you will be incredibly disappointed watching this dreadful movie. Firstly, the child acting was horrific. I feel a little harsh bashing young actors but come on! Sophie Nlisse was emotionless and just god awful. Both her and Nico Liersch sounded as if they were reading straight from the script. (SPOILER) When Liesel's family and friends die, the girl barley cried. I didn't feel her agony, her pain, her fear.. but when reading the novel I couldn't stop crying. Also, the voice of death sounded like this should have been a Disney movie. In the novel, death is telling the story with such magnificent and touching words. You only heard death speak in the movie just a few times which was quite annoying and interruptive. Lastly, at the end when everyone dies, no one is bleeding, no one has injuries, they died without so much as dirt on their faces. God, it was incredibly unrealistic and dreadful to watch. If you enjoyed the novel as much as I did and save yourself the disappointment. Throughout the whole movie I kept checking my clock to see how much longer I would have to sit through this misery. This movie barley describes WWII let alone the Holocaust .Terrible directing, terrible acting, terrible movie.

Sean D (fr) wrote: This movie was crazy and freaking messed up! And it was sooooooo sweet!

Angus M (gb) wrote: Please give this film a chance, Lucio Fulci is probably the most under rated director I've ever heard of. More known for gore than good film making. This film along with Don't torture a duckling and Zombie prove otherwise.

Joey T (br) wrote: This is good, but not for a John Waters movie.

Paul K (nl) wrote: underground comedy of errors with a nostalgic dose of early mtv video (as in tape) culture, definitely cult classic material. some good music and a lot of whacked out funny stuff.

Hoyee L (it) wrote: What a powerful movie, at the end of it was a little sad because Alex Dwyer roommate, Major General Brian Moreland died because he was trying to stop Cadet Captain David Shawn from firing the 50 cal

Kristina K (jp) wrote: Sometimes in life you are not surprised by the outcome of the movie, but just wanna enjoy the beautiful acting and directing. This movie is a true master piece.

Olivia H (gb) wrote: this film is an amazing way to relax your feeling so that's why I rated it a five star review

Benjamin O (it) wrote: Murderous silliness.