La velocidad funda el olvido

La velocidad funda el olvido


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Kathy F (us) wrote: As a movie it was decent to good. As a Christmas movie it was great. I have much lower standards for Christmas movies. I did enjoy it a good deal, though.

Rafaella T (jp) wrote: difcil ver at o fim porque so fotos reais e depoimentos dos 'gnios' que cometeram esses crimes

James H (ru) wrote: Very average crime drama, nothing special about it except perhaps for Tom Sellecks presence. It plays like a Lifetime TV movie.

Silke B (fr) wrote: There is just a fine line between murder and art. And this fine line seems to vanish in "Anamorph". Beautiful, carefully arranged still lifes appear allover New York. They are just not to be seen in galleries. They are crime scenes, where the murderer composed his art from corpses. Detective Stan Aubray (Willem Dafoe) works for the New York police. He lets his intuition lead him, so you can say he is more a profiler, than a plain detective. He is obsessed with cleanness and order, he likes to drink, and he flees from the ghosts of the past. And those ghosts become very present again, when he starts to investigate the murders. He failed to solve a very similar crime-series five years ago, and he never got over that. Now, he smells the chance to wash his name white again and most important of all, he smells the chance to calm his own conscience.The movie is very dark and the colors and music are gloomy. The "art-objects" are cruel, but also very tempting. And they are much more than the work of a psychopath. They are jigsaws. Beautiful jigsaws.Soon Aubray feels that he is somehow part of the enactment of the killer. The killer wants him to be on the right track and he makes sure that Aubray gets enough clues to follow him on his bloody way.As much as I liked the movie and as much as it drew me under it's spell, just as much I was disappointed by the ending when I finished watching. I love movies where I have no idea where they will lead to. And "Anamorph" is one of those movies. I just lay back and let the flow carry me thorugh the movie. But the ending was a little too simple for me. A little too flat. I hoped for something bigger. Maybe something more shocking....but after a while, I understood why the ending is good the way it is. The murders are pompous, cruel and beautiful. The work of Aubray is fascinating, captivating and disturbing. This movie is not about the end. It is about the process of getting to the end. It is about sneaking into a sick mind. And I like that very much!

Skyler B (es) wrote: Couldn't tolerate the soundtrack or most of the acting. However, it should be noted that this movie clearly gave Maggie Gyllenhaal another great role to put on her resume. Not worth watching for that alone, however.

Adam K (de) wrote: An intense journey that brings the viewer into the world of radical tensions, personal identity and sexuality told through the setting of a college campus. John Singleton has a way of building characters that you gain an interest in, and he builds the story in such a way to display a message which is that of understanding one another as well as taking a step back and questioning how much of an advantage the knowledge we attain on a daily basis is bettering or worsening us. This is one that may take a viewing or two to really understand in full, but its well worth the viewing. Great performances from a young and still rather fresh cast at the time, the likes of Omar Epps, Kristy Swanson (surprisingly good), Ice Cube, Regina King and an intensely gripping Michael Rappaport let their talents shine on screen. The presence of Laurence Fishburne as a guiding West Indian professor is also a gem. Upon learning that Singleton's original cut was well longer than what was released, and delves further into the each story, I have attained a curiosity in seeing the release of a director's cut. This is a moving, yet depressing, but also hopeful ensemble story about the dangers and horrors of a society driven by ignorance and people's lack of determination to understand each other, regardless of race, gender or sexuality.

Hctor C (jp) wrote: Que voy a decir. Un peliculn como la copa de un pino.

Viktor N (fr) wrote: Still worth watching.

Joe T (ca) wrote: She wasn't TOO annoying in this, but the sequels really started to irritate me. The conclusions were nowhere near as satisfying as Poirot.

Jackson T (ag) wrote: One of the dumbest spy movies ever. Movie was for the most part boring and uneventful. And most infuriating of all is how dumb the main CIA analyst and all the bad guys were. After finding out the bad guy (who's little brother he killed) had escaped from prison and has left the country, Harrison Ford's character literally tells his wife, "I'm not worried." How does a CIA analyst not put the pieces together that the guy is likely going to come after his family. After that stupidity I just couldn't take him seriously throughout the rest of the movie.