La velocità della luce

La velocità della luce


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La velocità della luce torrent reviews

Dominic S (ag) wrote: Such a disappointment as far as my expectations. Such a nothing film. I feel like it definitely would've been way better as a short. I guess Russo-Young had enough money to make a it a feature length film. This story was so predictable and we all have seen this before, except for the aspect of a friend working with a married friend on a film with its sounds ending in an affair, that's a little original.But I can't stress it enough how this would've done better as a short, or this film should've had more to it to make it pop.Don't worry Lena Dunham, I'll give you another chance with Tiny Furniture when I see that.Nobody Walks, I give you a 50%.

Misty D (gb) wrote: Not many movies are worth remembering, this one however, seems to have the potential of being a "cult classic." It's one of the few that I actually found creepy and recommend as a "must see."

Brandon S (fr) wrote: Bateman and Reynolds are charming and funny as always, but this is one of the most harsh, unnecessarily filthy, and incredibly mean-spirited comedies I've seen.

Latrice K (us) wrote: Jaime Jorge, This is the Movie I was talking about! The boy sure can play that violin, it's in Chinese language, but the words are printed in English, Jaime you have to see this movie!, When you get a chance tell me how you like it oK?, This movie is good! I give it a thumbs up!

Shantel D (es) wrote: Typical 80's girl movie. It's not bad, but I don't feel the need to watch it again.

Hunter H (kr) wrote: I SO want to see this... I mean, Parkour in an action movie? I'm IN...! I TOTALLY want to see it EVEN MORE after seeing the trailer... if not for Paul Walker ALONE (like with Hours)!

David M (gb) wrote: One of those movies you want to hate but lets face it - it's pretty f*cken great!

Jamie C (fr) wrote: A buddy comedy film that has been done so many times before but the miss match cops work well together on set, We have Jackie Chan with the great action scenes and Chris Tucker for the comedy they make the old script work well that's funny and entertaining and worth watching.

Alan W (ca) wrote: what is good about this film is how natural it feels- with a light touch on a serious subject about caring for one's parents in their twilight years, brill perfs too.