La veuve Couderc

La veuve Couderc

Her youth has been spent working for a farm family, being raped by father and son, marrying the son who has now left her a happy widow. She is happy because World War I is over and she is ...

Her youth has been spent working for a farm family, being raped by father and son, marrying the son who has now left her a happy widow. She is happy because World War I is over and she is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James B (br) wrote: Actually really funny. It comes off film festivally at first but very funny.

Rajesh N (kr) wrote: Instead of focusing on "punch" dialogues and simple "hero kills villain" kind of story, there is a good amount of emphasis laid on the pseudo heroine as well. Director has taken it up to cover most of the silly mistakes that happen in Tamil movies. Screenplay is fast paced and when the action gets to a high we have a nice number or comedy scene to take the heat off. Vijay dons the role of a happy-go-lucky, sister loving, girlfriend fearing, charming village milkman during the first half. In the second he is the action packed superhero Velayudham. This movie definitely suits his style and I guess he has been quite comfortable in blending into the character. Genelia has played her part with a lot of confidence. Hansika plays more of a third fiddle throughout the film - her presence is probably more for glamour (probably her character itself was an afterthought). Saranya was a really good pick. She plays the chirpy sister role with gusto and makes her presence count. The songs of the movie are already a big hit. In general the songs appeal to most of the audience. Santhanam has done a good job in the comedy role and even small time comedians and veterans who play short roles have chipped in nicely. As an afterthought I will say there are too many comedians in this movie. Overall this movie is a good entertainer. Worth watching with family or friends.

lovely l (es) wrote: maybe this movie is interesting because it open eyes at the horrible men who take advantage of the poor naive girls!.How disgusting are some men, a look at the world of cheap girls and how they are treated horribly by men!The Simon character is such a coward!

kelly (br) wrote: Mandatory viewing for all living artists, especially writers and authors. A candid, fun, and thorough immersion into the world of Harlan Ellison with interviews and cameos by several living legends of the creative world. I'm just disappointed that they didn't go into the whole Harlan Ellison vs the Internet thing (and how it drained him of money and energy), or just his sue-happy exploits throughout the years. I take it that this is meant to glamorize Ellison, while also humanizing him, and will do well as a video intro to the man and his viewpoint for new readers and students.

Jed G (ag) wrote: This movie is astounding. I grew up watching this movie since kindergarten, and it has always been one of my all-time favorites. It has energy, drama, comedy, and it's always so marvelously gripping. A real modern masterpiece.

Asif K (jp) wrote: have seen it long ago, had to give it another shot b4 rating it

Thomas H (de) wrote: Pure enjoyment, a romp of a comedy! Dreyfus and Garr as husband & wife? How could you go wrong?! Robbie Coltrane absolutely kills as do so many others in the supporting cast. Bravo!

Marysue M (gb) wrote: This is one of my favorite John Wayne movies. It's not everyone's typology, but for a movie made in 1962, it's very good. It's an animal safari type of thing, with a twist, they catch animals for zoos and stuff. It's an inside look at a group that does that, and what happens is alot of fun. There is the addition of a guy they run into when one of the main guys gets hurt, this changes the dynamics of the group, there's the cute girl, and a new girl ... more guys than girls. Personality-wise you also have Red Buttons and his antics as Pockets. Mr. Wayne is big and full of life, older and yet still quite alive. It's clean fun, for the most part. If you love wild animals, you get a bunch of eye candy in this old flick. The music score is great too. Hatari! is a classic movie.

Anna H (mx) wrote: War movie to show American how bad the Jap's were in the second world war.

Rudy G (gb) wrote: Great and suspense filled film! Gives you those Edge of your seat trill moments! Characters did a great job and it's just a fun Cat-&-Mouse game overall!