La vida inesperada

La vida inesperada

Juanito moved to New York to follow his dream of being a big actor. Years have passed and he didn't achieve the success, he expected and spends his life working in different jobs to survive...

Juanito moved to New York to succeed as an actor. Years have gone by but success has not come his way and now he takes an odd jobs to survive. One day he is visited by his apparently successful cousin. However, their life together will discover the reality behind each of them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott C (us) wrote: Overrated, I think. It has a frustrating conclusion and is very disturbing and depressing. However, it presents its story very well.

Simon L (jp) wrote: Brilliant movie, captivating, I was drawn into this movie, the depth of characters, twisting plot, edge of your seat viewing.... Totally recommend for adult viewers.

Eldin B (ag) wrote: I honestly thought it was a Miyazaki film, but I had fun watching none the less.

bill s (fr) wrote: Mortensen is his usual fine self and I just love me this action adventure cheese.

Sam P (br) wrote: I really love how Jacques Audiard makes movies, The way he cares about details as a viewer with the subjective close-shot. The fellow of the movie is very smooth, it's like there was no blocking and staging during the shooting. The character progression and how Carla ( Emmanuelle Devos ) changes during the movie are established perfectly, the need to change shows with 2-3 scenes. This is a second movie I saw this week that used sound effect greatly to help the story, but in this movie with not having any sound in some parts. Overall, the movie is about relation between Carla and Paul and how they influence each other...with the surprise and suspense in the plot, enjoyable movie.

Cameron W (de) wrote: Possibly the greatest coming of age drama since The Last Picture Show. Half a star is deducted for the horrible acting by everyone except Sexton III.

prem h (jp) wrote: i just love watchin this movie

Ben R (de) wrote: Good cheesy horror comedy...not to be taken seriously at all.

Logan M (mx) wrote: Take the Money and Run" is funny enough to tag along with the other comedies from Woody Allen's early years.

Edgar C (nl) wrote: Perhaps it was the mix of the femme-fatale, the American atmosphere Lang adopted mainly in Fury (1936) and the Hitchcock style the one that prevents me from giving this a higher rating, but -generally speaking- it is a rather solid and enjoyable dark thriller. 76/100

Agus B (de) wrote: triste pelicula, pero excelente

Robby K (au) wrote: "Weiner-Dog" is an odd film. It's supposedly a comedy, yet I can't pick out a single scene that even hints at a joke, and the acting is just piss-poor at times. The only interesting arc in the movie is the part that revolves around Danny DeVito's character, and even that feels like it's just glossed over to get to the next part of the story. It doesn't take itself seriously enough to be compelling, and it's sometimes even difficult to watch. It's possible that I just don't fall into the demographic of people who will find this enjoyable, but to me even that seems unlikely.

Jack P (fr) wrote: Kevin hart and dwayne johnson link up well in this buddy action comedy. Central intelligence sees johnson working for the cia whilst being hunted down for suspected terrorism whilst hart gets caught up in it all. A hilarious film with an out of character and slightly kooky role for dwayne johnson. This film is both hilarious and entertaining.