La vraie vie des profs

La vraie vie des profs

Albert and JM are two characters forced to join the team of the newspaper of the secondary school Émile Zola. Having got on with three other pupils (Juju, Foam(Moss) and Sissi), they decide...

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Josh O (gb) wrote: Thought provoking and scary.

Matthew P (nl) wrote: fell in love with Sridevi...

Brittany R (us) wrote: Ok, I know, I know. But I liked that it was shot in Detroit and I wanted to see it. Its your typical dirty cop drama thriller, and honestly, I've seen better. Even the first one was better, and that starred Keanu Reeves. The one good thing besides catching the glimpse of the Motor City on screen was Shawn Hatosy. He makes for a good cop, which is one of the reasons I love SouthLAnd so much.

Dylan R (de) wrote: God Yu Tekem Laef Blong Mi

Desiree S (br) wrote: One of my favorites of all time

Dave C (ca) wrote: Some decent parts, good humor, and a nice introduction to curling and other Canadiana, but too indulgent and cheesy to be really good.

Brock E (au) wrote: This movie is fun as hell ! I really hope Stephen Sommers does more movies like this.

Dick S (gb) wrote: WOW, I watched all four of the Airport movies from the 70's today. What a trip! Amazing what the 70's offered from a movie perspective. Despit how hokey they all were, I still enjoyed them and it was great to see all the old stars, Burt Lancaster, Charlton Heston, Jack Lemmon, George Kennedy, Lee Grant, etc, etc, etc. Not to mention all the bit players who later went on to better parts, like Benda Vacarro, Sharon Gless, and more. Enjoyed the trip down memory lane.

Mereie d (fr) wrote: Since the name Pasolini is equivalent to shock, absurdity and sex galore, you know what you??re in for when you decide to watch I racconti di Canterbury. And indeed, in this respect the film is no disappointment. The nature of the epic poem the movie is based on must have been a big help for the director too: the overall mood of Chaucer??s masterpiece perfectly matches Pasolini??s artistic tendency to represent debauchery and nudity. In fact, the combination works so well we never get tired of Pasolini??s naughty inclinations. Yet another set of buttocks, genitalia or worrying case of pumping action becomes perfectly palatable when one realizes Chaucer would have agreed with it to prove HIS point (which is not at all unlikely). The locations and the costumes are well-chosen too. The use of brightly-colored gowns seems a bit anachronistic, but somehow it works very well to underline the absurdity of some of the characters. This movie also reinvokes one??s interest in Chaucer??s work as such: I immediately felt like dusting off my Riverside Chaucer to read up on the relevant tales. And this is where I have a problem with I racconti di Canterbury: the frame tale structure (used in the literary work) is very unclear here. People who don??t know the epic poem will have a hard time making sense of the movie. The frame is introduced in the opening scene, but it is all very vague and not in-depth. I had to watch this bit twice to realize Chaucer himself (played by Pasolini) is one of the characters, who is given the idea by someone else to draw valuable lessons from other people??s amusing tales. The tales-to-be-told-in-turn structure is introduced, but very briefly. And it was the info from the cast list that told me Vernon Dobtcheff is the Franklin and Nicholas Smith is the Friar, to mention only a few examples. I very much doubt if the unwitting viewer could have guessed such details. After all, you never get to see who tells which tale. The transition from one tale to the other is unclear too since the frame structure is not made explicit. We do see Chaucer behind his writing desk from time to time, but this happens only occasionally. This is a minus, I thought. Fortunately, the tales themselves are very entertaining and well-presented. I liked the Charlie Chaplin style references in the Cook??s Tale and Pasolini??s representation of Hell (stirring memories of Hieronymus Bosch). The ending of the movie suggests Chaucer actually finished his Canterbury Tales (pilgrims approaching Canterbury Cathedral, Chaucer writing ??amen??), which was never the case, but given the fact a movie is an autonomous entity separate of any other, this is to be allowed.

Greg W (it) wrote: ok spaghetti western

Blake P (de) wrote: Fun musical! Jane (Garland) is a hard-working farmer who's ready to start the new season off with a fresh start after having unsuccessful events in the past. She gets a brand new tractor, but while in a great mood, her sister Abigail (DeHaven) brings summer stock actors to the farm to put on a show. At first, Jane is skeptical, but when she meets Abigail's fiancee Joe (Kelly) she ends up falling for him, and at the same time gets bitten by the performing bug herself. Obviously, this is the typical MGM musical: song + dance + Technicolor + musical actors = one, and "Summer Stock" is a great example. This is almost a sad film in some ways-- this was Garland's last MGM film before getting fired for drug use and emotional problems. Even with her whirlwind personal life, it does not show a bit here. Every musical number she performs is so upbeat and fun, and she has a smile on her face the entire time. The finale has one of her favorite's "Get Happy" and it has got to be one of those moments that spells out "classic". She really can be such a positive figure, showing that no matter what, good can always come through. Kelly is great too, and as usual is making his feet movie like lightning bolts. He and Judy somehow have great chemistry, and it's sad that this was their last film together, because with musicals, they are terrific together. I really liked Eddie Bracken too as support-- he's one of those underrated comedic actors that we all loved in "Hail the Conquering Hero" so it's really nice to see him making a comeback as the nerdy typecast. Him mixed with the other two leads somehow make this movie even more memorable. "Summer Stock" might not be the most original movie, but what's not to like about a movie that doesn't put you in a good mood??!

Ian E (jp) wrote: "Big Daddy" has its charming moments, but never finds a consistent tone between its manipulative sentimentality and crude humour. Even though its humour sometimes hits and some scenes are lovingly emotional, its attempts at both comedy and drama don't go well together.

Jaden K (kr) wrote: I like Hellblazer and this movie was decent. I think Keanu Reeves is a shitty actor and I ponder how he's ridden off of The Matrix for this long. Reeves pulls off a decent John Constantine. The plot was interesting, but not too interesting, so when some scenes are very drawn out, the film feels tedious. I would recommend this film to people that want a dumb supernatural thriller, but not to fans of Hellblazer.

Darjan S (it) wrote: If i had gone off the score alone i wouldn't have watched this movie so i'm going to give it a 5. It has some, unnecessarily, crass moments in a movie about a serious subject which makes the movie seem somewhat confused. However there are some seriously funny moments and the more serious subjects are handled well. This movie has a lot of heart, but don't expect stifler or a drama. 3 1/2 real score.