Laberinto de pasiones

Laberinto de pasiones


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:1975
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Laberinto de pasiones 1975 full movies, Laberinto de pasiones torrents movie

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Laberinto de pasiones torrent reviews

Tyler P (ru) wrote: Et bien, beaucoup mieux que je ne pensais. C'est vraiment rigolo. Y'a des trucs nuls mais dans l'ensemble, a va. Le gnrique de fin est excellent.

Prateek G (gb) wrote: Nice direction, Rani was at her best

Daniel R (ca) wrote: So a shark can catch up to a man waterskiing but can cant catch up to another man right in front of the shark , swimming with one hand? Lame

Laura O (ru) wrote: With no idea what to expect, or even what it was really about, I found this movie drawing me in. It's honest, poignant, and lovely.

Kyle B (nl) wrote: It's a solid bio pic with greater performances than the movie itself. Will Smith is great as Ali and really gives it his all. I knew Jon Voight was in this movie and I kept waiting and waiting for him to pop up and I thought I heard his voice some moments and it was him. Bravo to the make up department I had no idea that was Voight until the very end. Excellent performance from him. Jamie Foxx is also excellent and Jada Pickett Smith is great too.

Justin O (au) wrote: If Varsity Blues and Tombstone had a severely retarded baby, this would be the result. AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL!

Seth M (it) wrote: Meryl Streep's secret movie. No one knows a lot about this performance or movie. Although Rene Zellweger was okay in the movie, but showed how she was an up-and-coming star....once again no one was better or came close to being as good as Meryl Steep. Her performance was so moving. If you have not seen this movie, don't cast it aside as another movie about a women with cancer. It is, but it has something very different to it, and I won't tell you what it is because I may ruin it for you. Streep was once again Oscar Worthy of this role (like she always is). But something about this performance (of all the performances she has done) that will always stay in my mind.

kim m (ru) wrote: The greatest Lesbian Love Story Ever

Grg W (it) wrote: an early steve oedekerk/jim carrey collaboration. the plot revolves around thane furrows (oedekerk) who complains about everything wrong in his life, whether it be his job as a children's book writer, to the metalhead who lives in the apartment above him (played by warrant frontman jani lane), to his many hatreds of life outside of his apartment, usually ending his rants with "I'd rather be dead!" as he continues throughout the movie with his many complaints, he starts to see a strange man whenever he closes his eyes (played by jim carrey), who just so happens to be the devil. this movie is almost a one man show, with steve oedekerk taking up almost the entire hour and a half by himself, but it actually works very well because his rants are hilarious. highlights include his rant about happy the clam and the scene where he is chatting with the devil. recommended for fans of oedekerk and carrey.

Alexander P (ca) wrote: An idealistic New York writer sinks away in the obscene Hollywood waters. The Coens' fine brand of humour, wit and the surreal, thrives in this strange masterpiece. 10/10.

Jonathan P (es) wrote: Cry Freedom is the true story of Steve Biko a black South African who is a major player in the fight for equality and political reform. While Washington is on the screen Cry Freedom shines but when not on the screen the movie drags and even though Kevin Kline plays news editor Donald Woods with a grace so common in most of his performances the length of the film felt about 30 minutes to long.

DIANA H (ca) wrote: how can you not love the classics,