Three kids get lost in the Louisiana bayou in search of a ghost pirate and his lost treasure, but what they discover is true friendship and the adventure of a lifetime.

Three kids get lost in the Louisiana bayou in search of a ghost pirate and his lost treasure, but what they discover is true friendship and the adventure of a lifetime. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Roy O (us) wrote: Finally someone has taken an interest in HEALTH CARE instead of the continuing pharmaceutical terrorism that is taking so many people's health away from them. People have to become aware of what chiropractic can do for them, before they get irreparable damage from the abuse of overmedication and unnecessary surgeries. If you wait too long to pursue health, you will become a ward of the Government/obamacare abuses that can take your health away from you, and maybe even your life.

Bill R (kr) wrote: if you like him doing late night then you'll love him here. more of himself and uncensored. hate television sometimes coz they held people back from what they really are good at.

Mary Grace S (it) wrote: what will I do with a 4-hour morbid film.. urgh!!

Rute 8 (de) wrote: O brasil e seus filmes sobre favelas... tsc tsc tsc. Nao sei se clico em Want to see ou Not interest. por vida das duvidas, 2 estrelas.

Lindsay B (ag) wrote: When the movie was over, I was sure I didn't like it, but after I thought about it for a little bit, it was actually a great movie.

brittany g (au) wrote: defiantly a good indie film if your into the indie genre. johnny doyle is well played and this movie had kick started a number of careers for supporting actors. well done.

Sarah F (au) wrote: I'd like to see this movie!!

Mark P (us) wrote: On a mission to watch all Idaho location-based films.

Brent A (gb) wrote: An inferior sequel, but still worth watching if there's nothing better to do.

Jonathan F (gb) wrote: If you liked 28 Days Later, check out the original fast zombies. These crusty-faced Italian zombies can fly planes and use weapons too! EEK!

Allan C (us) wrote: Even in 1972, Tom Selleck had a wicked mustache. This film has a decent set up for a story about witches, which is a horror film subject that rarely goes well. Selleck is a art dealer who buys a painting depicting a witch burning because one of the witches in the painting bears a strong resemblance to his wife. This sets off a mystery as to his wife and his own ancestral connections to witchcraft and from there the film also gets progressively sillier and sillier. The only reason to watch this film is to see a young, before-he-was-famous Selleck, who even in this dreck demonstrates his on-screen charisma that would later make him a star.

Jeremy B (ca) wrote: A now cult classic action-adventure film that deserves to be seen by a much wider audience. Rod Taylor at his best, I think, playing the tough-as-nails guy, rather than the more gentlemanly roles he'd played earlier -- though he's fine in them, too. See if for its terrific action, performances, intriguing story, and to see the authentic locales in Africa -- quite unusual for the time.

Vladimir S (ag) wrote: Such a masterpiece ! Captured the essence and the spirit of the book really well.

Jack G (ru) wrote: RETURN OF THE FLY is... Ok, now we're talking, folks! This time the movie's in black and white, and seeing it in my pan-&-scan VHS version (reminded of how important it is to have widescreen when available, but still) it felt just about right. This could also be called SON OF THE FLY (why wasn't it, I wonder) as the son of Andre, coming off of his mother's death, decides to face this feeling that he's had since he was a kid that something's been haunting him. Finally his uncle Francois tells Philippe about the past (Brett Hasley as Philippe by the way, a Canadian Frenchman if I ever saw one) - his father used his machine to teleport matter, and ended up transporting himself with a fly. All of this told to him he... goes with it anyway, and goes as far as to sell his stock in the family company. Oh yeah, there IS a family company, I guess, which is how they make all their money for this stuff.Strangely, Francois refuses to back Philippe in his venture, but then is still there in the lab at his nephew's house helping out. Why this is is... hey, who cares, it's more Vincent Price dang-nabbit! This time there is a villain, in the diabolical would-be partner-in-sciency-things with Ronald Holmes - I'm sorry, that's ALAN HINDS! (A very good David Frankham fills the role). Why have the double name? Who cares, he has nefarious plans to sell the goods on Philippe's machine - why sell it, after all, when you can just steal it - and has one of those partners-in-crime who when we first see him is eating a big crab meal. Leave it to director Edward Bernds to be a master of subtlety.All my sarcasm aside, this movie's a lot of fun, shorter than the first movie but more compact (i.e., sure, simpler) in its storytelling. It doesn't bother with a long, elaborate flashback to thins the character would or wouldn't of seen. Here it's all about getting to the point where the fly *returns* of course. And this time there's none of that stuff where the Man-Fly types out things or writes on a chalkboard: here we get to see ACTION, folks! A good question to ask is if any of this is scary. No, not particularly, but perhaps being excited and engaged is just as well for this; there are even a couple of jump scares - and those sorts of shots that they used to do in 1950's sci-fi/horror movies where a characters hears/sees/thinks something (in this case it's Philippe when he hears/sees a fly in his living room early on) and just freezes up. This is, by the way, before he's told by his uncle the terrible family secret - guess all those years of hunting for flies finally got to him.In saying that I preferred Return of the Fly to The Fly it's not to say it's some sort of undiscovered/not-revered classic. It's cheesy and stupid and yet I bought into it, down to the Fly-head which, I think, was sort of improved for this version. And black and white cinematography suits this kind of material more than crisp Cinemascope color. The only thing lost really are those fruity-pebble colors of the lab, which here are in the stark black and white. Which, I should note, makes it look like a real old-school laboratory. It's also fun to see at one point a man transported with a guinea pig and for the guinea pig to have a man's hands and for the man to get guinea pig hands (or, I think they're meant to be, they might have been left over from a set with an alligator or some such nonsense).And, last but certainly not least, more Vincent Price. And sure, he may be shot for part of RotF, but he still can act the shit out of this material.

Tuomas S (nl) wrote: Mainio pikku komedia!

Calvin R (kr) wrote: Men in Black has a solid script, spectaclar set, charismatic performance by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. This was very entertaining, and great all at the same time!

Greg S (mx) wrote: Wide-eyed Pinky (Sissy Spacek) latches onto delusional Millie (Shelly Duval) until an accident causes a radical personality shift. Fascinating, subtly unnerving psychological mystery that provides a bridge between PERSONA (1966) and LOST HIGHWAY (1997).

John M (ag) wrote: There's great chemistry between the three leads, Nicholson, Hunt and Kinnear, and they all put on some of the best performances of their life here. The movie is just too safe for me, times where it could go super dark, but it's one of those movies that has to appeal to a certain demographic. Nicholson's character is very dark and I feel the screenplay was trying to change him too much for the sake of the movie being safe, but the performances are all very good for what they're given.

Jack W (ru) wrote: Starts off terrible but thanks to some unexpected directions it becomes a decent little film.

Joshua C (es) wrote: I couldn't stop far the worst zombie movie...and the scene where the guy's questioning God...omg...that was the worst!!!!! hahahaha....get drunk/stoned and watch this one...don't do it sober....