Ladies of the Chorus

Ladies of the Chorus

Former burlesque star May and her daughter Peggy dance in the chorus. When May has a fight with featured dancer Bubbles, Bubbles leaves the show and Peggy takes her place. When Peggy falls ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy C (br) wrote: Mel Gibson is crazy, and this is a direct-to-VOD (I guess it did have a limited theatrical run in the States, didn't know that until now) gem. But brutally violent and just filthy, like in terms of there being dirt and stuff everywhere, surprisingly not sexually dirty, actually.

Shawn M (us) wrote: Okay, I know the title screams "this movie sucks", but its really not that bad. It moved along at a good clip, didnt take itself to seriously and kept me entertained the entire time. It was good fun and I would totally watch it again.

Charles S (it) wrote: watch this and then kite runner and be depressed

Louise S (ag) wrote: Do NOT see this while eating. Or if you've eaten recently. Or if you've eaten in the past 48 hours. Seriously, I have an INCREDIBLY high tolerance for horror-gore and this was quite simply the *grossest* thing I have ever seen. That was obviously the intent, so I don't mean it as a negative. That said, while some of it was silly (e.g. the goofy inbred brothers, the big climactic "now I'll stop stabbing you to explain the movie real quick" monologue), but it was still a pretty gripping and fun film. The special-effects guy is a genius. A sick, sick genius.

Drew R (mx) wrote: Writer/director Gavin Claxton shot The All Together in 18 days with a cast and crew of just 28. But while he deserves credit for managing to attract the likes of Martin Freeman and Danny Dyer to the project, and for having the guts to go it alone, the goodwill ends there. This is a comedy so short on laughs that sitting through it is excruciating.

Brett B (fr) wrote: Kind of a typical 80's teenage cold war flick with computers playing a big part. I am sure this was more realistic at the time, but seems so out dated today that its hard to relate. Still nothing bad, just nothing that great either.

Keenan S (gb) wrote: This is a wild gonzo ride of 70's film featuring hot women, lots of sex, random violence, random homosexuality, drug use, rock music, melodrama, and a villain who talks like a Shakespearan character who has boobs and calls himself Superwoman when he gets high on peyote. This film is surreal and is definitely not for everyone. If you love weird films, then is a definite must-see.

Dane P (es) wrote: The Third Man holds up fine, its just that its story's just predictable and cliched by todays standards. The cinematography is quite impressive tho

Jeremy S (es) wrote: Not a great film but a good watch to kill some time

Anthony V (it) wrote: If you don't like this movie you better see the wizard about a heart.

Marj D (kr) wrote: This is worth seeing as the sequel to Funny Girl but it's quite disappointing. Much like life I guess. Hey ho.

Megan (ru) wrote: This would be considered nothing these days, but back then it was controversial- and I DID feel that way about this film. There are some parts in the movie where you're watching and you just think "Wow..." - and probably aren't sure what to think, haha. Despite the fact that this movie is strange, though- it's an enjoyable comedy, and takes a look at what fame and money can drive a person to do.

Daniel L (nl) wrote: It's not perfect, but Costner's mesmerizing performance makes up for its faults

Josh W (gb) wrote: More a great gimmick than a good movie.

Tim R (jp) wrote: One of the best films of 2004! One of my favorite movies ever!!

Ben P (br) wrote: "Without a Clue" is a fun, inventive take on the classic character of Sherlock Holmes. This cheery movie was packed with laughs and quotables. This may be hard to find these days, but you may find it worth the trouble. MPAA Rating: PG Run Time: 1 h 43 min