Ladies of the Night

Ladies of the Night

A young woman is kidnapped off the street by a gang of sex criminals, and taken to a deserted mansion where she is subjected to various torments.

A young woman is kidnapped off the street by a gang of sex criminals, and taken to a deserted mansion where she is subjected to various torments. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fercy L (ca) wrote: They did not respect a damn about how the characters act! I grew up with Tove's books and with the series and this movie it's a spit to the face to people who love these characters!!! I hated the fact that they put Moomin mamma as a stupid woman! COME ON! Moomin always ALWAYS talks with his parents if he has some trouble and he would never enter a duel with ANYONE out of jealousy!!! The jealous one is anorkmaiden!!! I hated it.

Allan C (au) wrote: This low budget sequel has the trappings of the original, an over-the-top eclectic mix of assassins converging on one location and target, resulting in a comedic action packed hail of gunfire, sex, and violence, featuring a cast of familiar faces (Tom Berenger, Ernie Hudson, Michael Parks, Vinnie Jones, Clayne Crawford from TV's "Lethal Weapon," and Tommy Flanagan as Lazlo Soot, the only returning actor from the first film). However, this direct-to-video sequel lacks the style and wit of the original film's writer/director, Joe Carnahan, and the result is a lot of uninvolving noise and fury. I did like seeing Tom Berenger playing against type as the film's wheelchair bound target, but that's not enough to save this lifeless action film.

Moshe T (ru) wrote: Important subject, well presented. Important to differentiate between a fundamentalist approach to the Bible and intelligent design. Even Richard Dawkins could agree that he sees intelligent design in nature. He just refuses to attribute that to a metaphysical force.

Susan T (jp) wrote: I quiet enjoyed the story and the mystery...well done

Hassan R (ca) wrote: being a pakistani myself i hated the pakistani angle but somehow could not also just deny it knowing it is a real possibility but let us face it no one side is innocent here, story was well researched, great performance all round and would love to see a sequel to this, ACP Rathod is action again. I think this character can achieve so much more.

Jay B (mx) wrote: I've always liked this movie... and the laughs hold up, as mindless as they are.

FilmGrinder S (jp) wrote: 88% Awsome tribute to horror films, EVIL DEAD being the best. Must see for horror fans and gore hounds.

Rohan P (au) wrote: shahrukh khan and salman khan both rock

Anney S (us) wrote: Oooh, I love Babar! I don't think I have seen his movie, though...hmm...when I was younger.

William C (jp) wrote: from the last novel of joyce's Dubliners...the spiritual testament of J. Huston.

Giorgio P (ca) wrote: Hilarious, well directed and well shot with superb performances. Its got an atmosphere and tone that nothing can match. A film that makes me proud to be British.

Rob M (ru) wrote: It's a decent movie. It drives right into Liam's style of acting and fighting. So if you're into a cop thriller with some good action, this is right up your alley.

Kathy J (mx) wrote: "The Corpse Bride" (Tim Burton, 2005) is not like the typical romantic Halloween movie because the way the main characters get their happy ending is unexpected. Victor Van Dort, (Johnny Depp) attains his happy ending through his marriage with Victoria Everglot (Emily Watson), while the Corpse Bride (Helena Bonham Carter) gains her happy ending through sacrificing herself. Before one even watches the movie, it can be expected that "The Corpse Bride" will have elements of creativity, irony, and humor because of Burton's previous works such as "Frankenweenie" (1984), "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure" (1985), and "The Nightmare Before Christmas" (1993), all of which received high ratings. The biggest overarching style of "The Corpse Bride" is Burton's use of expressionism. Chiaroscruro, the use of light and shade, is used throughout the movie to exaggerate the creepy mood of the film. To align the film with the expressionist style, character designers such as Carles Burges, drew the characters with jagged, distorted lines with very little color. Victor Van Dort is portrayed as a tall, pale, and bony character with very heavy shadows under his eyes. All of the characters in the movie are portrayed in a similar way. Like many Halloween movies, Burton's "Corpse Bride" displays the world of the dead as a lively and fun world. There are multiple luminescent colors used in the world of the dead, in contrast to the dark and gloomy world of the living. Even if you are not a big fan of it, this film will help you to appreciate Halloween a little more because of the light and humor the characters bring to the screen. The "Corpse Bride" is a light hearted, easy movie to watch and I would highly recommend it as a family movie.

Adrian B (it) wrote: Vince Vaughan stars in this comedy about a sperm donor who ends up with more than he bargained for literally

Dan K (mx) wrote: Funny. But as you watch you notice many mistakes in filming along with many incongruities.