Ladies Should Listen

Ladies Should Listen

The switchboard operator in an apartment building falls in love with a businessman who lives in the building, whom she has gotten to know only over the phone. When she discovers that the man's current girlfriend is actually part of a scheme to swindle him out of some mineral rights he owns, she devises a plot to save him and expose the con artists.

The switchboard operator in an apartment building falls in love with a businessman who lives in the building, whom she has gotten to know only over the phone. When she discovers that the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Esteban G (nl) wrote: Nosotros los Nobles (We the Nobles) has broken the box office records in its native Mexico thanks to its easy and appealing subject matter. It is pretty much a straight forward "from riches to rags" story with some stereotypical characters and some funny moments. The film also has a family friendly message so I can see why it appealed to such a wide audience considering it made fun of the wealthy Mexicans. Unlike what many Americans might think, there are actually some wealthy Mexicans living the "Mexican dream," and they are presented in a rather comical form. The reason this film broke some records in Mexico is because it is really relatable and there are some pretty funny moments as the audience gets to make fun of these rich kids who seem to be clueless about the hardships of life. Nosotros Los Nobles was directed by Gary Alazraki (this was his first feature film) and he also co-wrote the screenplay along with Patricio Saiz and Adrian Zurita. I'm not very familiar with the cast involved in this film, but I think they pulled off some funny performances. This was way different from the Mexician films I was used to watching coming from Alfonso Cuaron, Alejandro Gonzalez Iarritu, and Guillermo del Toro. Nosotros Los Nobles is a much lighter and more accesible film for audiences, but I still felt the film suffered from a week first and third act. There were some really funny moments during the second act, but the film opened really poorly when they introduced each character and then ended in a rather cartoonish manner as well.Nosotros Los Nobles is a film that centers around a rich Mexican family known as the Nobles. German Noble (Gonzalo Vega) has built a financial empire for his family after years of hard work. His wife passed away years ago and he's had to raise their three kids on his own. Barbara (Karla Souza), Javi (Luis Gerardo Mendez), and Cha (Juan Pablo Gil) are not really good at anything except spending their father's money. They are really spoiled and live a life of excess. Barbara's boyfriend, Peter (Carlos Gascon), asks German for his daughter's hand, but he doesn't approve of their relation because Peter doesn't have a job and the couple simply want to live off his money. Tired of his children's behavior, German decides to pull off a charade and tells them that they are broken. He believes this way his children will be forced to find jobs and try to survive in the real world under harsh conditions. Cha finds a job at a local bank, while Javi and Barbara get jobs thanks to their maid's son, Lucho (Ianis Guerrero). Having no work experience whatsoever, the three kids will find it difficult to adapt to this new lifestyle, but German is sure this will teach them a lesson or two about life. Barbara, Javi, and Cha all play the stereotypical spoiled kids which adds to the overall comedy, but there really isn't much to their characters. Cha is probably the weakest link here as his story was completely uninspired. At least Barbara and Javi had some substance and side stories to make them a bit more interesting. Peter is the typical villain here who wants to blackmail his future father-in-law and pressure his girlfriend into marrying him so he can enjoy the family's wealth. I found some of the jokes pretty funny, but there were plenty of cheesy moments as well. The movie also is very predictable and despite having some heartfelt moments I felt this was just another generic comedy about a story we've seen played out before. Overall it teaches some good values and some families might enjoy this film, I thought it was all right but won't recommend it.

Kendyl C (de) wrote: Inappropriate for children and unfunny for young adults, what exactly is Fun Size's target demographic? It has some of the worst on-screen jokes in a young adult comedy I've heard since the Scary Movie franchise, something parents will immediately deem inappropriate and something ten-year-olds won't find funny enough to quote to their friends at their next sleepover.

Mikah T (es) wrote: I love this movie. There are some great songs in this movie.

Marlon M (br) wrote: Siendo quizas el primer documental extenso que se hace al respecto, la calidad es inigualable. A partir de este documental empece a cuestionar seriamente lo que intuia

Milton D (au) wrote: Love this movie, I even wrote a paper about it my freshman year of college.

Ben R (au) wrote: Despite a misleading title and some horrible actors with some bad dubbing....this isn't a bad cheesy late night horror flick.

Bob W (de) wrote: From the moment it begins with Amoreena from Elton John to the very end it is wonderful story-telling. The film wastes zero time betting right into the botched bank robbery. Pacino is at his peak and the direction is fantastic making the whole retelling of the story extremely believable. Appropriately nominated for many awards. It also provides a visceral snapshot of New York in mid-70s hot summer.

kevin h (ru) wrote: Oh my - I can't believe I watched the whole thing. Possibly the most bizarre western ever made. Written by Dalton Trumbo under a fictitious name, it appears that Sterling Hayden spent about 5 minutes practicing talking like a Swede before he was being filmed. Absolutely awful. Nothing like a harpooner in a Texas town - I am still waiting for the terror (but the laughter will surely get in the way). Some say it is a comment on McCarthyism. I think they should be checking their precious bodily fluids with Mr. Hayden.

Tim R (fr) wrote: The legends of comedy Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Brian Doyle Murray, Rodney Dangerfield and director/actor Harold Ramis bring the non stop laughs in Caddyshack!

Maranda F (jp) wrote: This was actually pretty eye opening.