Ladies They Talk About

Ladies They Talk About

A moll, imprisoned after participating in a bank robbery, helps with a breakout plot.

Attractive Nan, member of a bank-robbery gang, goes to prison thanks to evangelist Dave Slade...who loves her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Manny D (br) wrote: This movie shows the complicated love stories that take place way back in the day and show how the love story would take place in our time (2013) movie is great and I recommend everyone goes to watch this great love story !

Mauricio L (fr) wrote: An insult.............

Kaspars R (br) wrote: Do you clean your teeth with Aquafresh? - cus it seemed like the movie is about that. Bad directing on cast, to overdone on funny stuff that it made no funny...

Brendan A (gb) wrote: I was expecting a different movie out of this. I expected a zombie horror, with The Walking Dead action, not with very few or no infected. Nothing seemed like it was abandoned. The beginning was meh, it was a reenactment of The Walking Dead opening scene, although this was made in 2003. I only jumped once, which was unexpected for a movie like this. Other than that, the dialog and plot line sucked. The ending left us hanging about questions that may be never answered.

Karen H (ca) wrote: 2014-05-03 watched for second time

Robert G (ag) wrote: I can see why people like this movie, I really do. It just too tastelessly crude to recommend.

James M (mx) wrote: A bleak but powerful documentary/cinema verite style drama about a day in the life of three yobs following a riot in their housing estate in Paris.Three good performances carry this movie, especially Vincent Cassel as the most vengeful of the trio. It's a very stark film, but incredibly realistic and very well directed.

Gareth J (fr) wrote: Bought this by accident thinking it was another film... Oops big mistake.I though, "oh, it's got Candy and Hanks in it, can't be that bad can it?" Yes, Gareth, yes it can...There is virtually no plot. The director was AWOL or at least didn't know what directing meant. The cast are pretty much trying desperately to put some purpose into the script and failing dismally. The writer didn't so much 'write' the script as fail to flush it...This is a bad film.

Andy P (jp) wrote: A huge surprise for me! I was expecting more of a comedy but it actually serves as a well informed drama about the lives of journalists inside the many conflict zones throughout the Middle East today. This is achieve in no small part because of Tina Fey who gives a career best performance!