Ladies vs. Ricky Bahl

Ladies vs. Ricky Bahl

A smooth and charming conman, Ricky Bahl, cons girls for a living but finally meets his match is this fun-filled "ROM-CON."

Three women hire a fourth to try and get even with a con-man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas K (mx) wrote: Both Stong and McAvoy give their usual strong performances and there is more than enough style but I really doesn't add up to very much. It's just flourishes in search of a compelling plot.

Michael D (es) wrote: Really stupid characters make you wish for their quick death. The soldiers do so much posturing it makes you wonder if this film is some kind of Th

Karsh D (mx) wrote: Another lame brain predictable film.

Egemen K (mx) wrote: Really good imagery and technique. Good conveyance of feelings with a little dialogue. Quite sad and sensual at times. Bertolucci is GREAT!

Oliver B (jp) wrote: Mundane thriller full of people doing nasty things to teach other in the name of crime and greed. Harvey Kietel is the only reason you'd consider watching this, and even he's pretty unremarkable.

Katrin S (us) wrote: Wenders war auch schonmal besser

Ryan H (ru) wrote: The movie that made me want to go to film school.

Sahil A (kr) wrote: A nice political street drama with an unforgettable performance by the great morgan freeman!

Camden N (au) wrote: Pretty good follow-up to the awesome Prom Night. The script isn't quite as good as that film's, nor are the characters as likable...nor is the acting as good. However, it succeeds as a fun slasher, and is probably more scary and suspenseful than Prom Night is. Much has been made of the dark photography, and how it's impossible to tell what's happening at times. Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration. The photography is a little bit darker than I would've liked, but I could always easily tell what was happening.I think this film must have had a huge influence on Hatchet, as the monsters in both films are on a secluded island, look similar, and communicate only through grunts. They both also have superhuman size and strength. That film actually shows why the dark cinematography in this film was the best approach. In Hatchet we see the monster too clearly, and he's neither scary nor is his make-up particularly convincing. Not quite as good as Prom Night, but you could do worse. Paul Lynch certainly knew what he was doing. The soundtrack was also really awesome, sort of resembling the work of italian composers like Fabio Frizzi and Claudio Simonetti!

Christopher M (es) wrote: "They killed Buzzy!"

Allan C (us) wrote: Not a classic or brilliant wester, but I did enjoy it's leisurely pace and the performances by Peck and the supporting cast.

Gergely K (jp) wrote: Wes Craven Last House filmje el'tt pr (C)vvel k (C)sz 1/4lt ez a brutlisan kem (C)ny exploitation mozi. N (C)hny hippi bet (C)r egy szinte lakatlan vroskba, ahol rend'rk hjn szabadon tivornyzhatnak, de arra nem szmtanak, hogy egy helyi kisfi csnya tervet eszelt ki ellen 1/4k. Egy dgltt veszett kutya v (C)r (C)vel m (C)rgezi meg a virg gyermekeit, akik ennek hatsra teljesen megvadulnak, majd sz (C)tkaszabolnak mindent (C)s mindenkit. A nyers, v (C)res k (C)pekhez pszichedelikus zene (C)s operat'ri munka prosul, emiatt legalbb olyan mmoros (C)rz (C)s megn (C)zni a filmet, mint a szerepl'knek amikor LSD hatsra orgit rendeznek.

Akramul i (ag) wrote: This should have been called 'The Battle Of The Masses'It's a rich and enthralling story of terrorists VS politics. While the end was inevitable, the imagery, music and after effects were the legacy of this period piece.

Eric R (fr) wrote: Fritz Lang sets up 'The Woman in the Window' perfectly in the beginning harpening on the sentimentalizes of the middle-aged man. Wanley is a man that feels stuck in his life. Sure, he is a successful psychology professor at the University but he feels like his life is already over, lacking any real excitement. Well, his wish is granted when he meets a lovely young woman with his life falling into a web of blackmail and murder soon after. I have always had an affinity for Edward G. Robinson. He just fully embodies the everyday man to me and he is absolutely perfect for a character with these traits. One thing that stood out to me about 'Woman in the Window' is how much more reserved and/or subtle it's cinematography and lighting were compared to a lot of Lang's other work. While this isn't a slight by any means, I personally love atmospheric lighting and missed it during this film. It's very detailed giving the viewer a lot of insight into the forensic investigation which takes place, and in a way, a decent chunk of it is a police procedural where the man responsible happens to have a front row seat during the investigation. The ending of course is fantastic, but I still think its a lesser Lang noir, of the ones I have seen.

Shawn W (mx) wrote: A must see for any Bronson fan (and non-fans for that matter). A melon farmer who simply must get his crop harvested gets on the bad side of a mob hitman. Paul Koslo well cast as a wannabe tough guy.