A Russian mobster teaches three Latino teens the tricks of the criminal trade in this gritty urban crime drama.

A Russian mobster teaches three Latino teens the tricks of the criminal trade in this gritty urban crime drama. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sean S (jp) wrote: A solid documentary following one soldiers journey through one of his tours in Afghanistan, a serious injury and his return home and trying to fit in, make his life and marriage work and find purpose in his days and life again.

Jacob D (ru) wrote: One of the most hilarious, clever, heartfelt, and genius kids movies to ever come out.

Larry R B (jp) wrote: Made is someone's backyard. Terrible, turned off after about 10 minutes!!!!

Little K (ca) wrote: For a film with this many capable performers, it falls flat. The screenwriting is to blame in my opinion, with too many 'convenient' plot points to keep that attempt to keep story rolling but neither the audience entertained or happily guessing (there are even lapses in basic logic that only idiots would commit). The point of plot twists is the audience shouldn't be able to see them coming. The devices in this film practically had marching bands anouncing their impending arrival. The head of a group of so-called Algonquin Indians (who seem vague and sly and who want to build a casino in Patriotville AND will make the local politicians do anything to get it) looks like an Italian dude in a bad wig? I was SHOCKED when it turned out he was (gasp). Chase Revere gives the the only copy of an audio tape that will prove him right to his less than trustworthy love interest Lucy? Nothing bad will come of that,, right. And he's not mad when she exlains why she sold him out (again). She has 'daddy issues', so that's a free pass. At least she doesn't get to smilingly sit beside him as he hauls ass out of town for the last time.The rest of the movie is a milksop.

Merinda B (nl) wrote: This movie lacks something but it tells a very true and shocking story. Which after you watch it will leave you moved and sadened that things like this happened. To think that still after there being no proof and even one of the woman confirming that the rape didn't take place the 9 men are still charged with the death penalty! It's amazing that because of someones race all facts are thrown out the window.

Archibald T (ag) wrote: Caution: Watch this ONLY if you're in the mood for softcore porn.Now the review:Norman Parent is a struggling actor in Hollywood. He tries to get acting jobs, but nothing comes up. One day while waiting for an interview his girlfriend Rachel comes out of a casting session having already had sex with the casting director. The scene is rather funny since all the other men who are waiting for the session are laughing non-stop since the part is for a laughing character. It humiliates him, but luckily he scores a gig with his friend at some Hollywood big wig's party where the showbiz guys try to hook up with the up and coming actresses of today. Very Hollywood. Classy and Trashy.While fetching some wine in the wine cellar, Norman stumbles upon a couple having sex. He watches while fantasizing himself having sex with his Ex Rachel. The two people he watches morph into himself and Rachel as the camera spans around constantly. It gets interrupted by Rachel who decides to push away Norman and bring in her new lover into his own fantasy. Kind of a subconcious choice considering what he had to go through that day.He makes his way into another room where he discovers a book called 'The Amazing World of the Invisible Man' by Walter Sinclair. He also meets a pretty young woman named Kelly (played by Gabriella Hall) for whom becomes a big part of his life later. How Norman becomes the invisible man is when he clumsily knocks over a vat of butterscotch scented liquid. It gets all over him and he is instantly invisible. He decides to play along with this ability and uses it to his own advantage for several sexual escapades that involve the woman he met: Kelly.The misadventures involve a fantasy sequence that involve the erotic olympics. It's a competition between Norman and his Ex Rachel. They bang their respected partners and are ranked on sexual pace and positions. Norman gets the highest score since he has invisibility. Silly, but somewhat erotic. Kim Dawson makes an appearance as well as Madam Nirvana. This Madam is known for her screw me all night spells and her special chocolate. If you eat one of her chocolates, you'll instantly become aroused. Well, Kelly eats some of that chocolate and before you know it she's humping a pillow before boning Norman's invisible schlong. They all head to England which looks exactly like Hollywood (Very low budget) to a couple's home to rid them of a pestering ghost to constantly cleans their house. The ghost was a butler and liked the house to be tidy. So, Madam Nirvana's way to rid them of this ghost is to feed the couple some her of special chocolates so they, Kelly and Norman as well, all engage in an orgy. It works and the butler's ghost is so offended by the perversions he fucks off like a good ghost should.There's a sideplot with one of Kelly's evil agents that so happens to be invisible too. He tries to ruin Kelly's career and engages in a brief lesbian sex scene. Strange movie, but perfect as softcore fodder because you only see the women that the invisible man is plowing. They do a bunch of random hand gestures and movements. Nothing more than that. It's funny to look at and erotic as well as they "act" out their orgasms. It was still quite sexy especially the one with the hotel secretary. The climatic battle between Norman and Kelly's agent in the end could have turned into a gay sex scene when you realize that as they are invisible they to are also naked. Overall, better than Hollow Man! :D

Ben B (jp) wrote: I absolutely love this film. I love the story, the performances, and the musical that came from it. 'Billy Elliot' is about an eleven-year-old boy named Billy Elliot (Jamie Bell) who grows up in a mining village in north east England, so of course this movie is full of geordie accents. Set in the historical backdrop of the 1984-85, miners strikes, Billy's family struggles to get by while the miners union is on strike. His father Jackie Elliot (Gary Lewis) and brother Tony (Jamie Draven) are caught up in the strike and have little time to pay attention to Billy. Billy's grandmother is elderly and Billy is often left to care for her while his father and brother are at the picket line. Billy's father forces him to take boxing lessons, which he does not particularly enjoy. One day, he discovers a ballet class taught by the crass Mrs. Wilkinson (Julie Walters). From then on, Billy begins to grow in love with dancing and has to balance his family's disapproval, the struggling community he lives in, and his own will to keep doing the thing he loves. He is supported along the way by his friend Michael (Stuart Wells), who is having his own journey of self-discovery. Michael is gay which contributes to a larger theme of expressing yourself. You see, 'Billy Elliot' is about doing something you love and facing adversity, no matter what people say. This story is about Billy facing these obstacles. My goodness it is an inspiring journey to watch, even if it is not 100% true. The performances in this film are absolutely spectacular. Lewis and Draven, playing Billy's father and brother respectively, are perfect at conveying their personal struggle and their initial intolerance to Billy's new-found joy. They play off each other very well and provide emotionally poignant moments. Walters was the one who got the Oscar nod and deservedly so. As Mrs. Wilkison, she is a hard egg to crack, but when it comes to caring and mentoring Billy, her soft side comes through spectacularly. Then there's the star of the film... Billy himself. Jamie Bell puts in one of the greatest youth performances of all-time. He nails his geordie accent for a start, but also portrays how his personal situation has toughened him. Of course, acting as an eleven-year-old, Bell is able to show vulnerability and innocence. He carries the film more than ably. He makes you believe that he is Billy and you will root for this kid from the beginning of the film. Director Stephen Daldry and Lee Hall should also get credit for bringing this masterpiece to life (which later becomes the hit musical). The balance between the actual history and the inspiring story is laid out perfectly. 'Billy Elliot' is not just sweetened. There is a gritty realism that you should fall in love with. It explores themes of self-identity, family, doing what you love... What more would you want in a movie like this? Definitely will go down as one of my favorite movies of all-time.

Godwin S (de) wrote: One of those movies that leaves you wondering about the characters after the film ends. I really enjoyed this movie. It's well worth watching.

David S (ag) wrote: A classic piece nominated for 12 Academy Awards, and despite not winning many that year, it's a great film right out of the heart of cinema. With Peter O'Toole and Richard Burton leading the line, the chemistry is fantastic, the dialogue witty and well written.

Orlok W (mx) wrote: A Charming and Suspenseful Little Gothic Thriller--In the Tradition of Hitchcock!!

Francisco S (es) wrote: Flightplan counts with an amazing performance by Jodie Foster that elevates the tension of the plot, however it isn't original enough or unpredictable enough, making this movie be less thrilling than it could have been.

Paul M (ca) wrote: Not really my cup of tea but it passed an hour and a half.

April W (jp) wrote: Better than I thought!

Hayden K (jp) wrote: The worst thing I have ever seen. I have no idea how anyone could possibly find this even the slightest bit good. Awful acting, awful effects, awful soundtrack, awful plot, the whole thing is just plain awful. This was even too bad for our 'terrible movie night'.