Ladrones a domicilio

Ladrones a domicilio

In search of better education for his daughter, Bruno gets a job as a security guard, getting involved unwillingly in a plot of political corruption.

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Dorota O (es) wrote: Humor on a insultingly retarded level. Basically no plot, no conclusion, just random disgusting jokes. What a waste of time.

Antti Q (it) wrote: How do you rate something like this? It's 11 eightish minute non-stop shots of people (or goat's ass) riding a cable car to/from a temple in Nepal. And most of them are quiet. There is as much action in the documentary as there is on a deserted island, but then again, you wouldn't go to a deserted island for the action. It is interesting to monitor people being alone and themselves, but have to admit, it could've been a tad shorter..Before the screening there was a short meditation session that set the mood for the next 2 hours.

Joe W (nl) wrote: If your looking for trash reminiscent of the old days of Troma look no further. It doesn't get much trashier ,disgusting, or offensive then this.

Nikolay S (mx) wrote: ? ???? ? ?? ??

Mike G (gb) wrote: Un Film extrordinaire. I loved it. The development of the relationship between the two old school friends was very moving. There were some very funny moments also. A joy.

NaWie M (gb) wrote: this was a totally waste of time. It made no sense at all. I like road Movies, I found the Movie reeker was much better, I can even highly recommend the Movie Reeker. True to a user commentThomas Jane punishes himself as both director and star

TheMumblelover (br) wrote: Perfectly paced film to tell the tale of two friends in opposing financial backgrounds who become unlikely friends in Chile before the coup by Pinochet. A film of boyhood friendship with the political situation starts changing their lives forever.


Raji K (jp) wrote: In the year 2005, humans have the ability to live with fully function androids. One of them appears to be exceptional and be creative and have thought. As this android (Robin Williams) lives for generations, he strives and does what he can to become a human. Bicentennial Man is a solid movie, but suffers problems in direction and editing. It feels overly long and fails to be as expressive and as powerful as it could be. For Williams fans, the film fails to deliver as much comedy as potentially could have been, and is not enough of an interesting drama as other films.

Derek M (es) wrote: a delightful piece. surprisingly fresh, and I finally watched a Swedish film after Danish, Finnish, Norge~Rebecca has a model face

Jerome K (de) wrote: I'm generally a fan of Almodovar's work, so I was disappointed in this earlier work of his that I saw on a list of films for the Criterion Collection. There seem to be pieces of great film here. The premise provides many compelling scenes between the characters. And yet, I didn't find it remotely believable when Marina fell for her kidnapper. It was so sudden, and I didn't feel there was enough progression to make it feel genuine. Disney's Beauty and the Beast did a better job selling the concept of Stockholm Syndrome. I'm also baffled as to why some call this a dark comedy, since I didn't see any humor in it at all.

Dave S (kr) wrote: Does exactly what it says on the tin.

Nate T (us) wrote: Not a mainstream movie by any stretch of the imagination but fascinating none-the-less. Themes that would continue to show up in the rest of Polanski's works have their first appearances here. A must-watch film. Part of The Criterion Collection and should be on Blu-ray in the US.

Kate H (mx) wrote: Madness as played by David Tennant is an experience. If you are one of those people who refuses to see Shakespeare done in a modern setting need to give this one a chance if only for the fact that Patrick Stewart in this. I never had sympathy for Claudius. Ever. Now the moment after the play and he's praying actually makes me sorry for him, for the few moments before he becomes a total jerk again.Anyway, Tennant is fantastic. You expect Stewart to be amazing (he has been doing this for years after all) but you don't expect The bloody DOCTOR to do this this well. It's a crowd pleaser and that's for sure. Though Ophelia also gets bonus points for her mad little dance.It's emotional, it's touching, it's horrfying. it's fantastic and it just makes me wish that I could have somehow gone to England to see this when it was actually on stage. This is for sure the next best thing, though.

Alice S (gb) wrote: I just cannot with dramatic Ryan Reynolds. I once described Kal Penn as being a good actor in comedic movies and even dramatic parts of comedic movies, but not a good actor in dramatic movies. I feel the same way about Reynolds, and they probably only have half a degree's worth of separation between themselves.

Lucas Y (ca) wrote: For what it is I actually enjoyed it and I've never liked anything from Eli Roth. The stories behind the filming are pretty cool too. There's a good mixture of gore & dark comedy. I died when the asshole starts jerking it in the corner of the cage. Overall, a memorable modern gore fest with poor character & plot development like most of those 80's horror flicks we all used to watch.