Lady Blood

Lady Blood

15 years after giving birth to a bloodthirsty monster, Yanka is attempting to move on with her new life. But a series of inexplicable murders will lead a criminal investigation into her bloody past.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:french horror,  

15 ans après Baby Blood, il est de retour... 15 ans après avoir accouché d'un monstre sanguinaire, Yanka, mariée à celui qui l'a guérie de ses névroses, mère d'une charmante petite fille, est devenue capitaine de police et a refait sa vie. Mais une série de meurtres inexplicables vont impliquer Yanka dans une enquête criminelle qui l'immerge à nouveau dans son passé sanglant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joey K (ca) wrote: Show's the human side of Oasis, the rows, the love of the brothers, the personalities and how they developed. The madness of those years, how things went from being kids on a council estate to being the biggest thing since the beatles. Brilliant documentary.

Rawballs B (kr) wrote: So far from its funnier predecessor...

Em W (it) wrote: Haven't watched this movie in ages!!

Lenny R (de) wrote: Definitely better than the first - more Julien + more penguins = :) - but still not as good as most Pixar offerings.

Leo K (fr) wrote: Remarkably good and well kept secret in cinema (the secret being that Sean William Scott can play a moderately serious character well). Absolutely hilarious and stylish comedy of errors. Check it out whenever and wherever you can. Absolutely fucking awesome, one of my favourites.

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Heidi S (ag) wrote: Interesting and enlightening to the times of the Beat generation but a few too many fruit-loops and wafflers for my liking! I guess that makes for a great doco though...but Corso was stupidly annoying.

Lori B (fr) wrote: Powerful and tragic film recounting one Christmas in the life of an orphan in a rural Quebec mining community. Feels a little like Bergman, but definitely has a flavor of its own. On a side note, it's amusing to hear French spoken with a Canadian accent.

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Jacob L (it) wrote: Believe it or not, I like Joel Schumacher's Batman Forever more than this movie and here's why. All the mistakes of the first film are made even worse in this film as the story is so cluttered and so unfocused with its 3 new characters Penguin(Danny DeVito) and Catwoman(Michelle Pfeiffer) and Max Shreck(Christopher Walken) that Batman gets very little screen time! That's so unacceptable to have Batman put aside while half of the movie is given to the villains with confusing motives. Overall the main problem was that Tim Burton had too much control and made this film way too adult and dark this time to appeal to children and adults like the first. But what were the good aspects? Burton still nails the visuals and the performances are great so I still enjoy watching this film but I was still disappointed in the end so I am giving it a 3/5.

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I am A (mx) wrote: Coming of age for the girls. Boo ya. ( bonus points for 90s setting)

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