Lady by Choice

Lady by Choice

To improve her image, a fan dancer "adopts" an old woman to be her mother.

Fan dancer Alabam Lee is convicted of breaching the morals code with her racy shows. Her agent has her adopt a "mother" from an old ladies home as a publicity ploy to improve her image. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Prita M (gb) wrote: I love korean movie... I know that the actors who has involved at this movie is very great at acting. While watching this movie I thought this movie is great, the actors are very great. Well, we could tell that this movie winning some prizes...

Joseph H (nl) wrote: Doesn't seem interesting.

bloody w (kr) wrote: hostel is a horror thrill ride and one of the only horror films I really enjoy about 3 backpackers. backpacking across Europe looking for sex til some guy recommends a hostel in Slovakia full of beautiful women based on his recommendation they go to it weird things begin happening. what's great about the movie is it does weather intentional or unintentional has a message that there is pure evil out there in the world and you shouldn't get talked into doing something because people are more evil than you think and it is very true that is very dangerous to travel to some parts of the world but this film doesn't take the easy route and make the location in a Arab country where you would expect something like this to happen it does it in Europe which you would never expect its got a very refreshing never before done premise and it Is a horror masterpiece but sadly eli Roth after making this film got shot up by hydrochloric acid because he would never again make another good horror but this film has likable characters. I really like jay Hernandez in this film and when your rooting for a character in a horror film you did a good job making me like him well written story. great premise. pretty decent acting. scary film score. very creepy film. unlike the sequel which is an abomination this is a real movie its pretty violent. but it still has a purpose to the violence if your 16 or older this a movie your gonna want to see at least once in

Greg S (kr) wrote: A never-seen ghostlike figure wanders through the Hermitage Museum (previously home to the Czars) in St. Petersburg, watching re-enactments of Russian history and debating art and culture with a French aristocrat companion. With thousands of extras, it's pulled off in one amazing 95-minute take. It's more than a bit stuffy and tailored to the delicate sensibilities of the fine arts crowd, but it's impossible not to be impressed by the pageantry and technical achievement.

IMia K (fr) wrote: As much hate as this film gets I enjoyed it with some new faces and some old a different plot and some really crazy moments while it has its flaws I still enjoyed it

Heather M (it) wrote: I am not sure how real this story may be, but I know that after his injuries it was insane to keep competing. It isn't a great story and it won't age well but it is entertaining enough.

Gavin O (fr) wrote: The worst film ever. Badly scripted Badly edited Badly acted Slower than pedestrian pace. I want my two and a half hours back!

Sandra A (ag) wrote: I love this movie, would like to buy it.A tale of debauchery, murder and scandal based on a true story settled in colonial Africa at the times of World War II.

Bruce B (mx) wrote: This came from the Dogs O War Collection which is a 10 Film Set Collection. The picture quality was as poor as it can get. I rented this one from Netflix and I am happy I did as I would never purchase this collection. The quality is far worst then anything from Mill Creek or BCI Entertainment. The film itself is about the German Invasion of England with the main goal of knocking out a radar site. I major saves the life of a German who is in a British Officers Uniform. The goal of the Germans kill British Soldiers and take there Uniforms. Intelligence finds out of the German Plan and The Major discovers his new friend and roommate is a German Officer. Many Stills and Cuts in this film, Lowest Star War Movie yet. 2 Stars

Jonathan B (it) wrote: Sidney Poitier plays a young, idealistic teacher, who inspires a class of disengaged, delinquent pupils in a run-down London school. The formula is one revisited with varying degrees of success, many times but where this film scores better than most is in the central performance of Poitier. He is brilliant in the role and manages to be convincing and sympathetic. The style may be a dated, but the impact remains fresh and the much lauded theme tune, sung by Lulu is something of a 60's British classic. The singer herself puts in a decent performance as one of the pupils and Judy Geeson is enchanting. This movie bristles with some of the better know faces of the British cinema and it is great to see them during their heyday in such a good movie.

Jose Angel C (ca) wrote: today at Cinema Infanta

Calvin C (kr) wrote: Some great, memorable songs and a great cast. The story didn't really do much for me and believe it or not, I felt there weren't enough songs. Grade: B

Taylor W (de) wrote: it's not as funny as there's something about Mary but I still enjoyed the twist and turns

Simon S (au) wrote: Certainly much better than the critics review