Lady Godiva

Lady Godiva

Quirky young art teacher Jemima takes up a £100,00 bet to ride through the town naked on horseback like Lady Godiva to keep her beloved Art Factory open.

Proud and determined, astride a beautiful white horse, Lady Godiva rides through the medieval streets to protest against the high taxes her husband, Leofric, Earl of Mercia, has levied ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Lady Godiva torrent reviews

Pam R (ru) wrote: Not much better than the book.

Crystal M (nl) wrote: I will watch anything with Gary Dourdan, he is soooo beautiful

Ruby H (br) wrote: This little indie from Denmark is neither skin-crawling scary nor laugh-out-loud funny but it is good fun, which is by itself a huge feat considering it is overwhelmingly shot in beautiful grey. Mads Mikkelsen effortlessly steals the show as 'Sweaty Svend' and all the rest of the cast delivers just fine. Strangely affecting.

Gary N (kr) wrote: The half star given to this unintentionally laughable crapfest was to show I hadn't forgotten to rate it. I spent spent a whole 15 minutes watching this-mostly at 30 times normal speed. I stopped at some of the "highlights". The moment a guy is hounded by a seranading choir of costumed Goth Zombie lookalikes- all in need of a good dentist- is priceless. He then gets whacked Tom & Jerry style by a cranes wrecking Ball. The sequence is hilarious. The cheap shoddiness is highlighted by the limited budget, Any construction site wrecking ball would be attached to a mobile caterpiller tread type vehicle. In this, they edit it to suggest the wrecking ball is attached to one of those load bearing hammerhead cranes-the inverted "L" shaped variety! Utter pants. Othe rgems include some spiritualists talking about Satans daughter having a bad aura and a craptacular diasater sequence at a Fair, which appears to have been constructed from cardboard and balsa wood. If you have Sky movies check out Sky Movie Store to get to these moments. Worth a view!

Marion R (ag) wrote: I didn't get the "humor" of this film. It felt like a mess, the overall idea for the film isn't bad, it's just boring to watch.

Cameren L (gb) wrote: I'm just going to go right out and say it: this film makes Sunset Boulevard look absolutely trivial.

Lui D (it) wrote: just one of the best movies ever. for me it's a classic. always think of my little boy when I watch it. how can you not like it, it has great acting, and a little sci fi

Rachel C (es) wrote: Not really satisfied with the conclusion, overall was fine.

Adrian M (us) wrote: this is an important film. it points out the hypocrisy of the american legal system as well as the hypocrisy within the gay movement that led to the alienation of fellow queers from their own movement based on the idea of "normalcy" as defined by heterosexual gender restrictions. Stonewall (the movie) is relevant to the current situation the queer community is facing. sure, we can dance and kiss in public, but we're still discriminated against by our government and we still are sent off to rehabilitation centers because religious fundamentalists believe we have a sickness that must be cured. but worst of all, we still have an entire sect of the glb community who discriminate against other queers because they break gender expectations by cross dressing or acting "too femme," are part of a lower class or are of a different ethnicity. it is like in an effort to get our foot in the door we've thrusted through presentable upper-class white men and women and ignored the other half of our community. Stonewall (the movement) is dead. the true spirit of the movement is gone. if this film makes even one queer think about our current situation, well, then bravo. but don't watch it and just think "we've come so far." think of how far we have left to go. the Stonewall Girls wouldn't have it any other way. thus ends my rant.